Berlin Moves: A Video Portrait of a Dynamic City

You might remember the works of Alex Soloviev from previous features on iHeartBerlin, including his video titled ”Everyday Berlin” and another one called ”Berlin – the inner layer”. This time, the filmmaker and traveler featured Berlin in a short film that’s a part of a project offering breathtaking insights into cities across the globe.

After including places such as Florence, Stockholm, and Moscow in his recent project, Alex Soloviev has posted a short film with the title ”BERLIN moves”. Indeed, the title is a bit self-explanatory – the video takes you on a dynamic journey across the city. From strolling pedestrians to various modes of transportation, the new film captures Berlin’s diversity in constant motion. You’ll probably recognize plenty of familiar corners and classic Hauptstadt settings. The masterful shifting of perspective will give you the impression of truly observing the metropolis and its inhabitants.


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