Berlin Mural Fest Adds More Artworks to the City’s Walls

Last year’s Mural Fest added a stunning 30 new street art murals to the open gallery that is the city of Berlin. This year’s edition is now adding 6 more stunning pieces to the mix that have been finished in the past couple of days and that will be celebrated this weekend with a Night Walk on Saturday and Sunday from 20:15h onwards. All the artworks will be illuminated and as a special treat, there will be some additional elaborate video mappings on some old classics such as the spaceman by Victor Ash on Skalitzer Straße. The video of the rehearsals look like this should not be missed!

We have a few making-of photos for you that give you a bit of a preview of the new works. If you want to find all the murals from this and previous editions you should download the Berlin Murals app for your details and exact locations.

Jetzt wird’s überfresh: ALLE LICHTER AN! 🔦 Am Samstag & Sonntag zeigen wir euch was Berlin drauf hat! 🔥 Berlin Mural Fest Nightwalk – checkt das Piece von Victor Ash und die überkrassen Animationen von RESORB. #berlinmuralfest #VictorAsh #berlin #kreuzberg #kunstfürdenkiez #mapping #projektion

Gepostet von Berlin Mural Fest am Montag, 2. September 2019


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