Berliner Wiese: CBD & Hemp Products from Berlin

Turns out that despite our extensive city exploring, there is still one particular green area we’ve never written about. And that is Berliner Wiese – not a meadow in the literal sense, but surely a portal into a more plant-based lifestyle. Keep on reading to find out more about this Berlin-based grower, manufacturer, and distributor of CBD and hemp products. 

Berliner Wiese was founded by two Dennis and Julien – two Ur-Berliners who pride themselves on growing their business locally in an environmentally friendly way. As they explain: ‘’We feel sustainability and regionality are both very important. Almost all our products come from the vicinity of Berlin and are grown on organic farms.’’




The founders also admit that many are still ignorant about CBD products. Their website features plenty of information on the subject, starting with the definition of CBD along with the note that ‘’[it] is not psychoactive and has particularly positive and health-promoting properties.’’ According to the website, among the numerous conditions, CBD can be helpful for are chronic pain and insomnia. 

Dennis and Julien offer quite a range of products in their online shop: apart from different kinds of CBD flowers, some of which are named after Berlin neighborhoods, you can also buy CBD oil, tea, protein, and e-liquid. 

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