Berlin’s Hottest New Music Talents at the Checkout Sessions by SOUNDBOKS


In the last couple of years Berlin’s music scene has been cooking up so many amazing things, we’re always excited to stumble upon new talents with songs that blow us away. It feels like Berlin is really having its music moment now, and artists who are based here are getting the amount of international recognition last seen in the times of Bowie.

Danish loudspeaker brand – SOUNDBOKS is as in love with the upcoming musicians of Berlin as we are, which is why they are hosting the Checkout Sessions this month at various cool venues all over the city, offering some much-needed live music experiences.

The concept of this new event series turns the classical live gig on its head. Instead of typical concert venues – they will happen in cool creative spaces, instead of big crowds – there will be intimate gatherings that allow the guests to really connect with the musicians. It’s going to be like a party with friends, but even better with upcoming local artists performing in a cool venue.




SOUNDBOKS invited us to curate one of the events of the Checkout Sessions. We are super hyped about it because it gives us the chance to finally invite our favorite Berlin artist to play: Lie Ning. We’ve been featuring his amazing music many times in our music stories since he debuted last year, the international music press is all over him, and he’s been taking the city by storm with his incredible live performances. It’s really an honor for us to have him play at our Checkout Session this coming Sunday on September 13th at Hallesches Haus.

All of the events will be very unique and done with a lot of love for detail and appreciation for each of the musicians. You can look forward to the performances of Leepa, J. Lamotta, Kikelomo & Melis + Special Live Act, and more tba. Here’s a little overview of the event series. Make sure to register for free tickets soon, as space will be limited to accommodate the current distancing and hygiene measures.


Leepa at Ju Schnee Studio

Friday, September 11, 18-22h

For the first Checkout Session the young Berlin songstress Leepa will perform during the exhibition of multi-media and sculptural artist Ju Schnee happening during Berlin Art Week. It’s a match made in heaven!

Register for free tickets here.

iHeartBerlin presents: Lie Ning at Hallesches Haus

Sunday, September 13, 18-22h

iHeartBerlin invited multi-talented Berliner Lie Ning to perform songs from his debut EP at Hallesches Haus – our all-time favorite location in the city. Come join us for this special opportunity!

Register for free tickets here.


J. Lamotta at Bar Brutal

Thursday, September 24, 18-22h


The lovely J. Lamotta is taking her Checkout Session to one of the coolest bars in Neukölln: Bar Brutal. We’re so here for it!

Register for free tickets here.


Mulay + Charm at Goldies

Thursday, October 1, 18-22h


The fourth Checkout Session is gonna be tasty and groovy with the unstoppable DJ duo Kikelomo and Melis presenting vocalists Mulay and Charm at french fries deluxe joint Goldies in Kreuzberg. Sounds delicious!

Register for free tickets here.

More Checkout Sessions to be announced soon, stay tuned to our event calendar

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