Berlin’s Most Beautiful Men

photo: Hannes Gade

Berlin might not have a reputation for being the place where the most beautiful men reside, but that’s only because we have to wear coats seven months of the year. So Rio, you can officially pack your bags!  Since Berlin men are so open-minded, liberal, and often don’t even mind stripping it all down on social media, we now have visual proof: Berlin’s got it! And, Berlin got dem boys! So, while you might be alone in bed, possibly building prince charming out of pillows and blankets, or maybe you have a sadomasochistic moment and want to destroy your self-esteem, go ahead, and look at the following divine selection of Berlin specimen – And just imagine all the rest … That is awfully superficial, I am aware. But it just happens, you know. Suddenly, you find yourself staring at your screen. These men just upload too many well-lit photos. So, let’s all be honest with ourselves and indulge in this short, shallow moment of social media desire. Knowing, these men might wait just around the corner and not at the Copacabana. Enjoy…

Jakob Wilhelm

photo: Hannes Gade



I really don’t know if there is much to say here; that hair, that smile, those eyes… No wonder he made a career out of that! Can I just get like a tiny ‘lil bit of that gene pool, please?! 100% sure, he is the only man who can put on Birkenstocks and still look damn hot. See for yourself on his Instagram.


Pierre Emo

photo: Daniel M. Schmude


Model, Actor & Performer

Can we all just take a moment and drown in Pierre’s eyes…? Whether as a model for our friends of Pornceptual or as an actor in erotic movies of filmmaker Noel Alejandro, there is a kinky, adventurous mind behind these innocent, blue puppy eyes. And hell yes, he got that dreamy look for the camera down! Makes you just wanna jump right in there. “It’s ok Pierre, I’m comin’, let’s cuddle!”


Alex Molina

photo: Ovidijus Maslovas



Alex Molina, who just recently relocated to Berlin, sure knows how to look good in a mirror selfie, and luckily he knows that mirrors really love his abs. Selecting the best torso pic was just too hard, so let’s go with the dressed portrait that showcases that beautiful, scruffy Italian face. You all know where to go if you want to see the rest of the package.


Michael John Harper

photo: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert



This Jamaican-born Berliner is not only beautiful to look at when he moves his body in hypnotizing dance routines. If his Instagram is a visual representation of his mind, then that’s one floral, sensual, etheral and physical wonderland. Go ahead and admire these eyes, those cheekbones, and a body so bendy, I couldn’t even keep up after doing 3 years of yoga.


Valentin Braun

photo: Depuis ce Matin


Dancer & Model 

Valentin is a muse to established Berlin photographers like Florian Hetz, or Manuel Moncayo, star of multiple erotic movies, and known to a global audience as the beautiful naked man running through the music video of Goldfrapp’s song “Everything Is Never Enough”. He is probably the king of tiny, colorful stripes above risky areas on Instagram. I just reply: “Damn you Instagram for censorship!”


Jörg N.

photo: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert



Jörg N.’s combination of boyish looks and a body for the gods is almost like mother nature just had too much of a blast creating him, and we’re left with staring at these blue, blue, blue eyes. He could probably throw a garbage bag on and still turn heads. The kinda guy you wanna introduce to your friends, and your mum alike.


Daniel H.

photo: Mamara Gan



Daniel’s Instagram is like a visual guide to looking effortlessly cool, whether it is a mirror selfie or a professional photo shoot. And now everyone wants a piece of the pie, from your well-known dating app to your go-to sneaker brand. But well, who can say no to these intense eyes. Hot Damn!


Elvis Jankus

photo: Elvitogram



The Lithuanian-born Elvis Jankus is taking over Instagram with his youthful beauty, a precise sense for style and that casually messy hair. Wherever he is, whatever he does, the hair’s on point. He probably woke up like this, and I look like a bean bag in the morning.


Florian F.

photo: Hannes Gade


Model & Future Teacher 

Ridiculously good looking, I have to say. On his Instagram, Florian seems to look drop-dead gorgeous from basically every angle, mostly with a coffee mug in his hands. Seriously, he does hold a lot of coffee mugs! But, imagine your teacher in Highschool looking like this while drinking his coffee in first period. Mhmm ok, I call first row!


Emanuele Vignoli

photo: Emanuele Vignoli



The Italian-born Berliner is a dancer at the renowned Friedrichstadt-Palast. On his Instagram, on the other hand, Emanuele has mastered the art of being everyone’s absolute travel crush. This man comes around! And I mean, why do I never wake up in Paris with this view on the balcony? Life is so unfair.


Yuliang Liu

photo: Ryan Pfluger


Photographer & Model 

It does not really come as a surprise that the Berlin-based photographer is his best model. His Instagram is a fabulously flashy, queer collection of his own art and himself in kinky outfits and sensual poses. Whenever you want to get inspired for Berlin nightlife, you know where to go now.


Matthias Panitz

photo: Simon Carlton


Graphic Designer & Model

When you’re a Berliner, queer and frequent venues like SchwuZ you will probably be familiar with Matthias Panitz and his hilariously shameless Instagram. It’s hard to catch the well-built red-head covered in fabric on social media and, let’s be honest here, who’s gonna complain?


Jack S.

photo: Hannes Gade


When scrolling through the Instagram feeds of well-known Berlin photographers like Hannes Gade or Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, you start recognizing some beautiful, familiar faces. And then, there was Jack. The kinda guy who looks like James Dean and Marlon Brando had a baby. The kinda guy who makes every woman and gay get out their “Call Me Maybe” card and every man buy a shitload of unnecessary beauty products and enroll at the gym again. But recently the unworldly beauty’s personal profile disappeared from Instagram. – Whatever happened to Jack? Is he even still in Berlin? Jack, where are you? I mean, are you even real without social media?


Tim Marius v. Dersch

photo: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert



Looks like this when lounging in his bed. Tim’s Instagram randomly takes you through his life. He smokes a cigarette, he chills in bed, licks a lollipop and is just full-rounded handsomeness while doing that. He gives you that feisty vibe, and you’re just like: Do I wanna cuddle, or rob a bank with him? A mysterious man.


Bishop Black

photo: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert


Model, Actor & Dancer

This well-built, handsome Berlin-resident does not mind taking his clothes off, not only as a performer at Bad Bruises’ notorious party nights at Wilde Renate or in Noel Alejandro’s latest film “The End” but especially on his Instagram account. No matter what he does, he looks cute sipping on coffee, he looks cute with makeup on, he looks cute casually standing butt-naked on a pier. I don’t quite know what to focus on, but especially these lips, man, swooon.


Daniel S.

photo: Press Gang Berlin



Going to the gym is generally an issue, if not THAT issue. But, if this man is telling me to do twenty push-ups, I guess I’d just do it? Especially, if he is working out shirtless in front of me. Even Mr. Sven Marquardt himself couldn’t resist and took photos of this rock hard Berlin specimen. So, who’s enrolling for a course?


Nana Kofi

photo: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert



So, there’re guys with a perfect body definition… and then there is Nana Kofi. I don’t quite know what to say. I took that six-pack course once and expected to get something just like that. Yeah, that didn’t work out. His Instagram is private and still has beyond 10k followers. Go figure.

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