Josefine Aspvik’s Witty Illustrations of the Berlin Techno Scene

Partying in Berlin is a whole thing. The ritual of preparing yourself for a long weekend of non-stop techno has its own steps and rules. For the techno lovers and night creatures, it’s like a sacred ceremony of the modern days. It takes time and money that not all Berliners can’t really afford to spend. But in the techno tribe, too much is never enough. They have consecrated themselves to the Club God and they are ready to give it all. For some people it seems almost impossible to get out of the spiral of techno, that drew them in over and over again.

The young Berlin-based illustrator Josefine Aspvik has perfectly captured the absurdity of taking yourself too seriously. Her drawings are honest and witty and I’m sure you’ll recognize in them that friend that refuses to meet if not at Berghain.

illustrations: Josefine Aspvik


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