Bringing Community Spirit & Live Music Back On The Map with Soundboks


With our recent Hangout event with Soundboks, we already got a taste of what it means to bring our own community back together this summer. And let me tell you, it was about time – because it felt damn good! We really missed just being together without a worry in the world and just enjoying ourselves with some laughs, good drinks, and dancing.

With their new event series On The Map, Soundboks wants to continue to make this happen for all the different communities around the artists and makers of the city. And by city I’m not only talking about Berlin, this year they are also expanding their activities to Hamburg and Stuttgart. And being a speaker brand what is most important to them is of course the music. So they invited some of the most talented rising talents to perform and invite their fan communities to come together for a good time. These events are made for those artists that couldn’t perform and those locations that couldn’t open during the pandemic – it’s time to bring them back on the map.

In Berlin, they already kicked off their series with a live session of the wonderful AYA who poured her heart into the microphone at the newly opened Napoleon Komplex location at Modersohnbrücke. It was a beautiful set-up and an amazing atmosphere – it made us think back to last year’s concert by Lie Ning at Hallesches Haus

photos: Lysagrim

But if you missed out on the first On The Map concert, don’t be sad, because there are further events happening this month on August 15, 16, and 20. And all of these are awaiting us with great talents and awesome locations.


Sunday, August 15

Kosmo Kint at Piccolo Giardino


The former New Yorker Kosmo Kint is bringing some of his magical future RnB to the Piccolo Giardino of Tiny Pizza at the Rosenhöfe in Mitte and we can’t wait for it. The location is one of the most charming backyards of the Hackesche Markt area and we think it will be the perfect ambiance for the tunes of Kosmo Kint. Also, I hear, there will be 50 free pizzas flying around… If you want to join this event, click the sign-up link below.

Time: 13:00h – 17:00h





Monday, August 16

After School Radio at Prince Charles


The makers of After School Hustle – the afternoon activity program for cool kids – have branched out into radio with After School Radio and that’s a golden opportunity to bring the ASH community together as part of the On The Maps event series of Soundboks. The location for this one will be the reborn Prince Charles in Kreuzberg. Wanna join? Register below.

Time: 17:00h – 23:00h




Friday, August 20

K.ZIA at Baldon


This queen has been popping up on iHeartBerlin a few times already in our music guides and event listings and we are thrilled that she is part of the On The Map series where we will finally get to see her live again. The location for K.ZIA‘s performance couldn’t be more stunning: the Baldon at the terraces of the unique Lobeblock in Wedding. You really don’t want to miss this one! Sign up below.

Time: 19:00h – 23:00h


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