Long live Diddy!


The Last Days of Puff Daddy party last Saturday has been a late summer fun with unbelievably sweet girls wildly dancing on Backyard‘s toilet and steamy making outs on the dancefloor. Jumping djs, breakdancing people and more to be seen on the pics after the jump:

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The Holy Weekend Partyguide


The pope is coming. Beware if you’re a fag, a user of preservatives or even an atheist. Child molester might be okay though..(oops). The party dinner is served ladies and gents, with a sip of Lido, a piece of Loftus Hall, a twist of Backyard, a gulp of The Sameheads, a mouthful of Kater Holzig and much more to get one’s just desert! Read it after the jump:

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Ciao Kiki

I have the feeling that this is the summer of goodbyes! And nothing is more strange than saying goodbye to somebody who you never really met. Like the colleague that quits just at the second day of your new job. So it was strange for me to read on facebook that the Kiki Blofeld is closing for good this weekend. In my mind I was there a million times but actually I was always on the other side of the river dancing at the Bar 25. My friend used to say about Kiki: Always when I was there I felt like the people on the other side of the river have more fun. Well now it’s kind of over for both sides. Even if there is still the new little cat at the river. But Kiki Blofeld will not go without saying goodbye. This weekend there will be a lot going on. Check out the program to learn more. Well, Kiki, I wish I had known you better than just from the other side of the river. More pictures of the place after the jump.
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Traveling frees your Sunday mind

Even with a storm-warning we love open airs on Sundays so much that we didn’t care and took a little trip to Kraftwerk Rummeslburg to the Reisen macht den Kopf frei- Festival. What we found was a nice party oasis of bassy music and lovely people. And my company wasn’t bad eather. So it’s true traveling frees your mind at least on a hot Sunday like it was today. Enjoy some impressions after the jump.

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Sunday is Open-Air-Day

FM Belfast

Sunday is becoming more and more the Berliner’s favourite party day. But especially on beautiful sunny days like these coming out from a dark and sweaty club just doesn’t feel as good as dancing in the summer breeze. Heineken picked up on this trend and invites you to a special summer open air party in a really unique place. Next sunday Heineken Greensphere takes place at the Treptower Insel. On top of the great location amazing live acts like FM Belfast, Foals (DJ Set), Hunee, Hugo Capablanca and Remmidemmi will give you the right beats. We are giving away 1×2 free tickets and Heineken DJ Headphones on our iHeartBerlin.de Facebook page. You can also still win tickets over at Heineken. More information about the event and the headphones after the jump. Read on…

Sisyphos Festival Berlin – Dancing Open Air

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

When you read our Berlin blog you may think that this city has so many hidden secrets. And so many times we become a target for criticism because we reveal those secrets to people who are not as well informed as others. But the truth is: there is no real secret in Berlin. There are just different groups of interests and different communication networks. Not every information is passed in every network and some human networks think if they just pass their information in their inner circle that the information is safe. Some people are afraid when they see that we don’t have problems to share any kind of information we help the wrong people to find out about the good stuff. But I am asking myself who are these wrong people out there? And what will they do when they are reading about the secret stuff? Will they start a witch Sabbath and try to put a bad spell on it? Or will they come like hungry insects and devour the hidden Shangri-La? I think that the wrong people probably just don’t care about your secrets. Try to go out on the streets and tell people that you have an alien baby in your stomach. They probably won’t even care. And that’s the same with these supposedly hidden places like Sisyphos. Enjoy the pictures from last Sunday’s Sisyphos Festival, but don’t try to share them with anybody. Because they are absolutely secret.

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Luzia Open Air

Luzia Party Open Air

Luzia Party Open Air photo by Sel Dizman

I am in conflict with a certain party paradigma. If you go to a club in Berlin you always have the feeling that there could be another party out there which is way better than the party you are at right now. To make this uncomfortable feeling almost impossible to stand there are amazing party photographers out there capturing the atmosphere and the emotions at the amazing club nights Berlin has to offer. One of them, whos work I just discovered through my friend Eva from the blog Private Curators is Sel Dizman. He just recently shot such a great video at the first of May party at the Luzia Open Air that I had to post about him. Enjoy the great party video shot in front of the Luzia after the jump.

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I got my Rhinoplasty in Vienna


Which place could be better to get my nose fixed than Vienna? I have no doubt that this city has more cosmetic surgeons than social care workers. At the Rhinoplasty Party that we attended some days ago we didn’t get a nose job, but for sure we had a lot of fun. Pictures of Bussi, Baba and Bubu after the jump.

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Land of Sisyphos

Sisyphos Berlin  Open Air

The first open air of the season was a sysiphos – hit. While for some of us to stay on top of the facebook feed is a giant sisyphos work, for others it is to find the right place to dance the Sunday afternoon away. My good friends informed me soon enough that the Light and Love – Party was more of a Full and Mainstream – thing. So we decided to take a train to the land of Sisyphos. And while giant titans danced on the walls, chicken, dogs, kids and humans moved to the beat in the sand. A sisyphos – dreamland of pleasure, giving the impression of possibly becoming the next Bar 25. Or is this blasphemy? More beautiful pictures  of sisyphos berlin after the jump.

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Everybody goes to Kottywood

Gentrification is a strange Dilemma. You want to have cool and interesting art and events going on around your neighbourhood, but at the same time you know that these are the things making your neighbourhood more expensive and a lucrative investement. Even if the whole Kreuzberg area is gentrificated already, there seems to be a last place which held up the Kreuzberg spirit. There are so many interesting things going on right know inside and around the giant Kreuzbergcenter that I made a little summary. You will find it after the jump (in German).

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