Birthday Of A Dead Hero

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January 9th is the bithday of one of my personal heroes: Heiner Müller! For those who don’’t know him: he is one of the most important playwrights of the 20th Century in Germany. One of his most famous and worldwide played piece is the Hamletmaschine”, which is also a great pleasure to read. If you want to know more about him or if you are as passionate about him as I am, you should definitely check out the Volksbühne this week. They will celebrate his 80th birthday with some of his most popular works. Details and schedules after the jump. Read on…

Meet The Pie-Maker And The Dead Girl

Pushing Daisies

This is Chuck. She is a girl with a boys name. And she likes bees. And she is dead. And then there is Ned. He bakes pies. And he can bring dead things back to life. With just a touch. Ned loves Chuck, and Chuck loves Ned. The problem: they can’t touch ever again, otherwise Chuck will be dead forever.

Learn more about this modern-day fairytale of Chuck and Ned on Pushing Daisies tonight at nine on Pro Sieben and after the jump.

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Darkly Dreaming Dexter


Dexter seems to be the perfectly normal American guy. Pretty girlfriend, cool sister, nice job. But his hobby is everything but conventional. He likes to kill serial killers, no, he NEEDS to kill them. It’s like a dark urge deep inside of him. Yeah, well, apart from that he’s just a nice guy.

You can meet Dexter on Monday at 22:55 when he premieres on RTL2. Read more after the jump.

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Vampires with Southern Accents

True Blood

To me vampires are something that will only interest a certain group. Vampires movies are either goth, gore or tacky, with only a few exceptions. When I heard that Alan Ball, creator of the great tv show Six Feet Under, would turn a book series on vampires into a tv show I was really surprised and sceptical. But what I saw of it convinced me that this is something different, something out of the genre. And I’m sure that True Blood will be worth a bite. More after the jump.

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Berlin Fashion TV

Berlin Fashion TV

You know that we heart Berlin. And you know that we heart fashion. So it’s just fabulous that there is a little online-channel that connects the both of it. Since we realized that a lot of Berlin fashionistas haven’t heard of it we thought it would be worth mentioning here. is the little sister of, which is also a quite interesting online-channel.

The quality of the channels is quite astonishing; I have never seen that on a format like this. The posts are sporadic at the moment, but they told us that this will change in the future. We heart them and we are looking forward for their posts about the fashion week!


David Duchovny - Californication

Oh hello, it’s Agent Mulder with scruffy hair. But do these hands belong to Agent Scully? No. Different show. It’s called Californication and it has its German premiere tonight on Sony’s Pay-TV channel AXN. This time David Duchovny plays Hank Moody – a successful author who struggles with a writer’s block and the temptation of sleeping with all the women he comes across. Well, that sounds like quite the mess, but in a charming way. The show is very well written and has some adorable characters, you should check it out. More images and a trailer after the jump.

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