Club Tarot: From Mate Drinks to Tarot Cards

Club Mate fans take note: Have you ever stared into your Club Mate and wondered who you really are? Have you ever wanted to really explore yourself? Find out what paths, opportunities, and feelings the universe has in store for you? Then you no longer have to stare at the bottom of the empty bottle. Because we have the right deck of cards for you – literally. 

Club Tarot is the new must-have for all fans of the cult drink and friends of self-reflection. The card set consists of 78 lovely-designed tarot cards and a guidebook, which explains in detail how you can dive into the world of tarot. All beautifully sorted in a box whose design, of course, reminds us of our beloved Mate.

Jon, the Berlin-based creative mind behind Club Tarot, originally designed the card set as a very personal Christmas gift for his best friend: “It was a love letter to her and our life together (we drank a lot of Mate),” Jon explains on Polar Embassy. Hooked on the rich and multi-layered world of tarot, Jon launched the platform to celebrate indie tarot decks and to help everyone, regardless of gender, embellish their very own tarot journey.



Club Tarot is the result of a mix of a beloved mascot, a caffeine addiction, and a passion for circular design, Jon writes. The perfect blend, we think. Each of the 78 cards features its own little storyboard. Included are five epic and human odysseys through the Major Arcana, Wands, Coins, Cups and Swords. And if that didn’t tell you anything for now, you can use Melinda Cange’s video guide as a travel companion on your way into the art of Tarot.

And that’s not all: Polar Embassy is intended to act as an ambassador in the truest sense of the word. Having a lasting positive impact on the ecological environment is therefore a top priority. For that reason, the card decks are produced by a family-run printing company in Austria, which feeds green electricity back into the grid and compensates 110% of the CO2 emissions emitted by production through reforestation projects in Uruguay. CO2-neutral deliveries are also available within the EU. The inks are completely non-toxic and the FSC-certified paper guarantees that the cards can be composted completely and harmlessly.





By the way, we discovered Club Tarot at the Queer Winter Market in the Alte Münze. And while we’re on the subject of Christmas: Is there a more magical gift idea for the upcoming holiday? I don’t think so. 

But I haven’t even told you the coolest thing yet: Jon is always interested in collaborations. This means that at Polar Embassy, everyone has the chance to release their own deck. So, people from Berlin, what inspires you? Let Jon and us know!

So far, so Mate. Speaking of which, I’m going to read my cards for now.

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