CODESS: The 8 Year Anniversary Performance by UY Studio

Avid followers of iHeartBerlin know that fashion label UY is one of our favorites in Berlin and very close to our hearts. No other label has elevated club wear like they did and turned it into a lifestyle. UY is one of the longest-running clubwear labels in Berlin with a history of presenting their work in a very creative and multi-disciplinary way. Three years ago they celebrated their 5th anniversary with a stunning performance at Halle am Berghain choreographed by our friends from The Progressive Wave with the soundtrack created by Dasha Rush. It was a true spectacle and one of the most impressive presentations of a fashion label we had seen. Check out my photos and animations of that show here.

For their 8th year, UY returned to Halle for a new performance piece titled CODESS that is happening this weekend. For the movement direction, they got Candela Capitan involved, for the music they again collaborated with Dasha Rush, this time with a very special sound set-up by 4DSOUND in collaboration with Monom. The 2h performance piece is bringing the audience to the near future and gives us a glimpse of what society might look like then. The centerpiece is a huge robot that interacts with the performers with lights and movements. It’s something we’ve never seen before and we think you shouldn’t miss it.

The show runs again on Saturday from 16-22h. On Sunday you can still visit CODESS as an exhibition (without performances) from 12-18h. The Location is Halle, Am Wriezener Bahnhof (behind Berghain). Get tickets here.


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