Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation from the Nazis

photos: Roger Sabaté. 

This year’s 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi regime and the end of WWII was supposed to be a big thing with lots of live events and exhibitions and whatnot. Due to the pandemic, most of their program had to be changed and brought into the digital space. It’s great that this was even possible and that the culture workers were able to adapt so quickly. But of course, it feels quite anti-climactic for the culmination of the whole festivities not to be able to happen IRL.

One thing that did happen in the real world came as a bit of a surprise late last night at the pretty empty Pariser Platz. A space that is usually filled with people, even at night, became the sight for only a few eyes of a projection onto the Brandenburger Gate with a simple message: a thank you in the 4 languages of the allies that freed the world from the Nazis.

It might not have been the big gathering we had envisioned for this occasion, but the message spreads far and wide regardless and will hopefully resonate with enough people that something as devastating as the Nazi regime won’t happen again.


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