Corona Culture: 120 Artists in an Underground Labyrinth

Berlin is really overperforming on the immersive group exhibition front these days, and we’re totally here for it. There was and is so much going on this fall, such as the i8i show Infinite Scroll, the Metabolic Rift show at Kraftwerk or the Sun Machine is Going Down art festival at ICC, to name only a few.

With the Corona Culture exhibition at Alte Münze another big one just opened last week and this might actually be the biggest one featuring over 120 artists and creatives involved. And it was a long way coming for this one. The initial exhibition concept was already conceived during the first lockdown in 2020 and there were several openings planned since then with several delays due to new lockdowns happening. But over time the exhibition just kept growing, until it finally was able to open last week. And I would say the wait and extra time that went into it was worth it.

photos: Moments by Dom


If you’ve been to the cellar of the Alte Münze side wing where the Pornceptual parties take place usually, or to the main building in the center of the courtyard where other exhibits and events have taken place, I have to tell you, you’re in for a surprise. Because there is another huge and spectacular space part of the complex that has never been used before. It’s the cellar that spans the entire complex and it’s like a huge labyrinth with endless corridors and rooms connected through oddly shaped holes in the wall.

It’s so fun to explore down there, with so many great installations, artworks, and performances around every corner. All the artists really made great use of the space, especially the works based on light and sound are amazing to watch.

We can only warmly recommend you go see the exhibition that will run until Mid November 2021. Find out more about it here.


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