Das Techno Team from Berlin: Learn How to Rave

photo: Das Techno Team. 

Are you looking to spice up your workout routine with some techno-inspired exercises? Or maybe you need to refresh your dance moves before a triumphant return to the club? In either case, the videos of the Berlin-based Das Techno Team are sure to make you chuckle!

Das Techno Team, the self-described “Techno Fitness made in Berlin”, posts videos combining ravers dancing to awesome electronic beats with a humorous, yet surprisingly accurate description of their moves. With this simple yet ingenious concept, the online sensation is already taking Tiktok and Instagram by storm.

The video series “Techno Basics” introduces iconic dance move terminology, including “Pharaoh’s march”, “Slytherin sabers”, “The Lumberjack”, and many more. Some videos even explain entire dance routines, like “The peaceful duel”. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the videos are intended as – a workout, performance, or spoof – and the founders like to keep it that way, inviting people to interpret the content for themselves.




In many of their videos, you’ll recognize their enigmatic core duo of dancers, but they also invite talented ravers from the local techno scene to perform in their videos. Not only their dance moves are on point, but also the outfits thanks to collaborations with Berlin-based clubwear labels such as UY, Obectra, 2nd, and Vertere.

The project emerged as a creative response to the lockdown, which forced Das Techno Team founders to temporarily halt classes at their dance school in West Berlin. They quickly recognized the project’s potential as it went viral on TikTok and started to shoot their videos not only in a studio setting but in other cool locations, now including cities outside of Germany that have a thriving techno scene.

We love the attention to detail that Das Techno Team brings to the analysis of the dance moves and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next! In an interview, the founders revealed we might expect them to release a series of clubwear pieces as well as their own music. Find Das Techno Team on IG and TikTok and start practicing a flawless dance routine for your next rave.

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