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Nerd Rules – Hot Cheese Crew

Am kommenden Wochenende geht das Berlin Gallery Weekend in die nächste Runde und die ganze Stadt läuft vor lauter Vernissagen nur so über. Aber davon abgesehen gibt es noch so einiges mehr zu erleben, zum Beispiel die vier Bodi Bill Konzerte im Lido, die Releaseparty des OE Magazines und der Auftritt meines liebsten Nachwuchsmusiker Rangleklods am Sonntag. Die Events nach dem Klick.


Wow, how cool can you get? Selling out 4 (!) concerts in a row is quite the accomplishment and a testament for absolute coolness. That is the case for Berlin-based cult band Bodi Bill who play at Lido on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and there is not a single ticket left. So I hope you already have yours!


Vintage boutique and vegan cafe Sing Blackbird is hosting on ongoing Starwars movie night. This Wednesday they are already at Episode 5 (the secong movie they made). Sanderstr. 11, 20:30h.


The Gestalten Verlag is opening their new Gestalten Space at Sophienstr. 21 in Mitte. The cult publishing house is inaugurating its new shop, gallery and event space with the group exhibition Cutters Edges that showcases 160 collages of more then 50 artists. The opening is by invite only and starts at 18h. The Gestalten Space is open every day except Tuesday from 10-20h.

The Hot Cheese Crew is opening its first show at West Berlin Gallery, Brunnenstr. 56, 19h. Hot Cheese Crew is a gang of four artists and designers with a background in graffiti and urban art, who also have a fashion label under their wing.

Berlin- and Paris-based artist Pantha Du Prince plays live at Berghain to celebrate the release of his new remix album. Am Wriezener Bahnhof. Efdenim and Die Vögel are opening. 21h.

Berlin Art Link is throwing a little unofficial opening party for the Gallery Weekend with a line-up of female DJs and performers including Artstars TV’s Nadja Sayej. KIM Bar, Brunnenstr. 10, 21h.


The Gallery Weekend Berlin is kicking off today in many different galleries all over the city. It will run until Sunday. Look here for more details. For all serious art matters I would also like to speak out 3 recommendations for blogs that really know what they are talking about: Private Curators, Artfridge and Castor & Pollux.

The Lucas Callieri gallery formerly situated at Torstr. 96, is reopening in its new space at Potsdamer Str. 103 with a group exhibition of artist collective Diamonds. Starts at 19h.

Dust, anybody? No? Dust. Anybody, no? Dust. Brand new biannual art & fashion magazine Dust is celebrating its Berlin launch with an exhibition at Styx Gallery at Landsberger Allee 54, starting at 19h and a launch party at HBC, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, at 23h. Take a look at it here.

OE Magazine is probably the hottest and most anticipated magazine project launching this year. Berlin-based fashion agency Arne Eberle and a team of stylists and graphic designers can be held responsible for this beautiful collection of editorials and articles that showcase many of the best designers from Berlin. Get your copy at the launch party this Friday at Voo Store, Oranienstr. 24, 19h.


My very favorite new music act is definately Rangleklods from Denmark. I have been meaning to see this talented man with a god-given voice live for far too long and this Sunday it will finally happen at the Shameless Limitless party at Chez Jackie, An der Schillingbrücke. Terrace opens at 18h, party inside starts at 22h.

Hot Cheese Crew

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