Schweden is nördlich von Berlin

Nördlich von Berlin hört für viele Berliner die Welt auf. Warum sollte man sich in noch kältere und dunklere Gefilde wagen, fragen sich die Einheimischen und haben damit nicht ganz unrecht. Dennoch hat mich immer eine Faszination für den Norden heimgesucht. Wobei ich glaube, dass das auch viel mit gewissen Wikingerfantasien zusammenhängt. Wie dem auch sei, letze Woche konnte ich den Norden im Form einer Schwedenreise hautnah erleben. Visitsweden und Airberlin haben uns auf eine kleine Bloggerkaffefahrt geladen und dazu konnten wir nicht nein sagen. Was wir da alles über das Land der Zimtrollen rausgefunden haben auf englisch nach den Klick.

10 things I found out:

1.The Swedish people were really thirsty in the past and built there cities on the water. Yes, i know that this is not an urban speciality for Sweden. But I really felt like 90% of the cities consists of water.

2. A lot of my favourite brands are from Sweden like 5preview, Acne, Nakkna, Carin Wester and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. Sadly the prices are even more expensive than in Germany.

3. German people – no matter how smart and pretty they are – have a complex of inferiority towards more Nordic countries. I had to listen to a bunch of people complainig the whole time how ugly and unstylish they felt. Please: You all look amazing so get over it.

picture: Matze Hielscher

4. Swedish nightlive consist of two things. Legal boring parties. And unlegal great parties. Some of my friends told me that you have to get some Facebook invites to find out where unlegal parties take place. So before going to Stockholm try to hook up with some Swedish hipsters and get some insights.

5. Danish people are hotter than Swedish people. Still Sweden is candyland if you are into blond and emotionally cold people.It is really subjective, discriminating and sexually objectifying to write those things and I think I will get some post gender lessons from my Turkish tandem partner. Shame on me!

6. Swedish people love fancy vintage amusement parks. With the lack of frenetic nightlive I think that a rollercoaster might be the only alternative for some adrenaline. Still I was impressed how nicely the parks were.

7. Swedish is a beautiful language. Still no need to learn it since they are all perfect English wannabe-native-speakers.

8. Tattoos are really common. People are proud of them and don’t feel sexually harrassed if you ask them to strip in front of you just to see them all.

picture: Matze Hielscher

9. Swedish people don`t care about football. There were several heterosexual guys who could not tell me when Sweden was playing. A really good reason to move there I think.

picture: Matze Hielscher

10. Sweden’s cities – no matter how big they are – will never be urban. Too much prettiness and cleanness around to become a real big city. For us Berliners visiting Göteborg or Stockholm is like pure relaxation. No big city hassle at all and still great cultural and shopping opportunities.

In the upcoming days I will post a little shopping guide for Stockholm. So stay tuned. For now I thank Visit Sweden and Airberlin for the support. If you want to find out more about our trip check it out here. I also want to thank my great travel companions that they have tolerated me with all my daily bitchiness and anti football mood. They were: I Love Ponys, I heart Berlin, Travelettes, Just Travelous, Lea von LesMads, Stylespion, Intro, Musikexpress, Tripwolf, Mit Vergnügen and the beautiful Anna from Lachsbrötchen who is the covergirl of this article.

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