Die Besten Online Events aus Berlin Gegen den Corona Blues

Als 27-jähriger Nachtschwärmer in Berlin, der sich einst so sehr dem Nachtleben und der Partyszene verschrieben hat, frage ich mich manchmal, wie ich meinen Freitagabend damit verbringen konnte, ein Online-Quiz zu machen, um herauszufinden, welche Dönersauce ich bin. Ich bin sicher, die meisten von euch können das schon nachvollziehen. Corona hat unsere Grenzen der alltäglichen Aktivitäten auf ein ganz neues Niveau gehoben. Ihr werdet nicht überrascht sein, wenn ihr feststellt, dass ihr nicht die Einzigen seid, die sich eine alte Serie im Fernsehen anschauen und sich wundern, wie die Schauspieler so nah beieinander sind, ohne eine Maske zu tragen. Während wir uns an die neue Normalität anpassen, arbeiten Künstler und Performer hart daran, uns das Beste auf digitalen Plattformen zu bieten, um uns mit der Welt verbunden zu halten, und wir können ihnen nicht genug danken. Ihr werdet besonders glücklich sein, wenn ihr immersive Erlebnisse, Tanz, Theater, Oper, digitale Kunst und Drag Shows liebt! Hier ist eine Liste von Online-Events, die man jetzt schon buchen kann!


Metamorphosen (Overcoming Mankind)


We have been long living in the ruins of the Anthropocene but can humanity still be saved? Is this the ultimate end of humankind? The theater piece Metamorphosen brings the apocalyptic scenarios into gruesome reality with references to mythology, literature and science, all at Volksbühne. It premiers at 19:00 on 12.02.2021 and 24-hour available. Buy your tickets on here.


photo: Julian Röder


Shimmy Shake Valentines SELF LOVE Workshops


Are you looking for a reconnection with yourselves or with your lover(s)? Shimmy Shake Online Workshop will teach you all about your sexuality and seduction through dance, rhythm, and touch! (February 13th, 12:00-15:15h)

Visit their Facebook event for more info. For bookings, send an email to: shimmyshakeberlin@gmail.com.


CTM Cyberia


Psychedelic corridors? Exploring the space as scrambled unstable avatars? The CTM festival surely promises to take us back to our sense of pre-Covid19 reality with their digital art special Cyberia. CTM Cyberia is a digital experience that invites festival-goers into a landscape of Transformation with a wide range of hidden digital artwork ready to be discovered in a disorienting environment. Lucas Gutierrez (visual designer) and Elvin Brandhi (sound designer) will take you on a journey for the imaginative, expansive, and permeable possibilities of online spaces. (from February 13th)

For more information visit their website.


animation: Lucas Gutierrez


<Fill The Whole> Online Gaming Experience


Peaches will teach you to explore “the fluid virtual universe and listen to what it has to say” in collaboration with Pussykrew as part of the above mentioned CTM Cyberia. They call you to embrace the surreal state. Visit their Facebook page to be a part of this gaming experience, visit multiple levels, meet avatars and meditate. (February 13th) Get a preview with this video.





For all you art lovers, here is a chance for you to watch the amazing opera Jenůfa directed by Matthias Schulz. There is just so much to say but let me tell you that opera, human psychology, and the early 20th century have never blended together so intriguingly. A love story disrupted by societal pressure, abandonment, hope, difficult decisions to make, Jenůfa will have an everlasting effect on you. 

 Jenufa will premiere at 20:15 on 14.02.2021 as a live stream and on 3sat TV channel. More information.




Digital Boys


Performed by Venus Boys (a collective of women, nonbinary & trans performers) and hosted by HP Loveshaft, Digital Boys will bring you your favorite drag kings, things and beings for a digital drag night. Visit their Facebook event for more information: (February 22nd, 20:00-23:00)





50% of the refugees in Europe are minors, who have reached the continent unaccompanied. They cross the world by foot, on a boat or hidden in a truck. They leave their realities behind to go on a dangerous journey in the hope for a better future in an unknown land and now they are trapped in a legal system. Why? What forces these teenagers to risk it all?

Futureland is a science-fiction documentary theater piece about unaccompanied teenage asylum seekers who undertook a journey to Europe from Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Guinea, and Bangladesh. As they can not be deported yet by the authorities due to asylum laws concerning minors, their future and stay in the country are uncertain and in question. We are brought to an experience so many of us are not familiar with.

Visit their event website for more information and tickets.


photo: Ute Langkafel


Come As You Are #Part 2


Choreographed by the Israeli performer Nir de Volff, Come as you are #part 2 is the continuation of three dancers who fled the civil war in Syria and brought their unique dance style, and quickly established themselves in the Berlin dance scene. An Israeli-Syrian collaboration, Come as you are, raises public awareness of the cultural enrichment and diversity brought by the refugees. Identity politics, integration, cultural heritage, alienation, and different sets of realities are harmonized in this dance performance streamed from Dock11. Don’t miss it! (February 25th, 19:00 – February 26th, 23:00)


photo: Bernhard Musil


OPEN SPACES – Making It Happen


A variety of different artistic approaches presented in a serious manner with a touch of irony by Kareth Schaffer & ninus, David Bloom and Julian Weber. Contemporary aesthetics and heated discussions on current issues by the participating artists are brought to you by OPEN SPACES (February 25th-28th)

For more information click here



Mx. Lockdown // A One-Time Digital Drag Pageant


#YesQueen!! An event that you can participate in! Like Celine Dion and Conchita Wurst, Pansy and Gieza Poke have the mercy to bring us a one-time-only digital drag pageant MX. LOCKDOWN.

They take the runway to throw us some beauty, attitude and glory. Three categories to be fought for: Winter Apocalypse Couture, The Last Drag Performance Ever, and Evening Wear Eleganza Extravaganza. The world is ending, but let me put on my nicest dress. Who will be crowned the next Queen, King, or The Thing of the Armageddon? This is when we decide. The audience will vote on the winner at the end of the night. It is live at 19:00 on February 28th! 

For more information, please visit their Facebook event.  And you can watch the show on twitch.



>> In C <<


An innovative artistic process brought by Sasha Waltz & Guests on the musical foundation of Terry Riley’s >>In C<<. It will be performed in a first version on a livestream in Berlin on March 6th, 8pm CET. For more information have a look here.


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