Discover the South-West of Berlin: A Guide to Steglitz

photos: Liz Ketcham. 

When I first moved to Steglitz around two years ago, I was just happy to have found a place. Since my last room was located some distance away from most public transportation, being only 10 minutes away from the Ring seemed like a definite upgrade. Over time, I realized that in moving to Steglitz, I might have inadvertently found a dream location: the South-West Berlin charm, the peace and quiet, and the maybe somehow illusory feeling of anonymity since few of my friends ever wander around here. For this particular guide, I teamed up with Franzi, who’s originally from the hood, and together, we came up with a list of places to visit around Rathaus Steglitz. Regardless whether you’re looking for a new place to live or for a surprising day trip destination, we hope you enjoy this article!

Kaffe Zeit Raum

A cozy cafe on Bundesalle – great coffee combined with plenty of both sweet and hearty food offerings. It’s definitely a convenient starting point for your Steglitz tour along the Schlosstraße up to Rathaus Steglitz. 

Kaffe Zeit Raum, 93 Bundesallee, 12161 Berlin

Mon-Fri 7h-19, Sat-Sun 10h-19



GM 26

A spacious cafe that also happens to double as a bar and even provides catering. Located just a few steps off the Schlosstraße, it felt like one of the most enjoyable spots during the entire tour. GM 26 stands out with their elegant, inviting interior, lively yet relaxed atmosphere, delicious menu, and a big outside area that’s just perfect for the summer. 

GM 26, Gutsmuthsstraße 26, 12163 Berlin

Open Mon 15h-1:30h, Tue-Thu 10h-1:30, Fri-Sat 10h-2h, Sun 10h-24h



Bab & Kimchi

A cozy Korean restaurant where you can find all the yummy classics like, as the name suggests: bibimbap and kimchi, along with soups, beef and chicken dishes, and much more! Bab & Kimchi also has a second location on Berliner Straße.

Bab & Kimchi, Schöneberger Str. 10, 12163 Berlin

Open daily 12-22h




Probably the most iconic sight in Steglitz – the building that’s so bizarre that some believe it’s photoshopped when they first see it in a picture. Unfortunately, none of the ideas for the use of the Bierpinsel stood the test of time and currently, the tower remains quite a fascinating relict of the 70s, with no concrete plans of revitalization that I know of. 

Bierpinsel, Schloßstraße 17, 12163 Berlin



Schwartzsche Villa

At Rathaus Steglitz, directly at the last stop of the orange line, you find the arts center Schwartzsche Villa. This pretty building, with its large terrace and big garden, brings art and coffee together. Inside you’ll find a big gallery, an atelier, a concert hall and a little theatre – all hosting different exhibitions, concerts, and performances every month. Check out which exhibition is on at the moment, stop by, admire the art and enjoy a large latte in their peaceful garden afterward. 

Schwartzsche Villa, Grunewaldstraße 54 – 55, 12165 Berlin



Aux Delice Normands

Are you in for authentic French pastries and cakes? My family has been loyally buying birthday cakes from Aux Delice Normands since their first shop opened in Zehlendorf in 1995. This shop in Steglitz just opened a few weeks ago and I love it! From the super cute French girl behind the counter, over the charming interior to the incredibly delicious blueberry and strawberry cakes they bake fresh every day. If you are in for some French flair and are tired of boring chain store cake, come to Aux Delice and prepare to be enchanted.

Aux Delice Normands, Lepsiusstraße 83, 12163 Berlin 

Mon-Fr 6-18h, Sat-Sun 6-14h



Café Morgenstern

I dearly want to spread the word about this fairly new and super charming second-hand book store slash coffee shop. I take my dad there every few weeks with a box of his books, so he can enjoy a coffee and exchange his old books for some he hasn’t read before. The walls of Café Morgenstern are covered with books that were carefully approved by the owner before they joined the other books on the shelves. When you fell in love with a book of your choice you then get the chance to start reading right away, while enjoying a coffee at the café inside the store.

Café Morgenstern, Schützenstraße 54, 12165 Berlin 

Open Mo-Sat 10-19h



Vanille & Marille

We have previously featured Vanille & Marille in some of our guides – and that’s for a reason: their self-made ice-cream is quite delicious! Also, the company is a Berlin success story that started out in 2009. They now have 7 locations all around the city, and you’ll be happy to know that among them there is a tiny, totally cute shop on the corner of Leydenallee.

Vanille & Marille Steglitz, Leydenallee 92, 12165 Berlin

Open every day 12h-20:30



The charming Schlossparktheater was built in 1804 and has ever since been the place to go for great theater that is rich in tradition, with famous actors like Hildegard Knef and  Klaus Kinski taking the stage. In 2008, actor and director Dieter Hallervorden rented the theater, renovated it and truly turned it into a place for outstanding concerts and cabaret. Every few months the theatre program changes and a new piece is shown, so keep an eye on the website, if you want to try something new and be entertained by another show than your Netflix original. 

Schlossparktheater, Schloßstraße 48, 12165 Berlin

Reservations: 030 – 789 56  67 – 100



Botanical Garden

We’ve told you before – and you’ll hear it again: Berlin’s Botanical Garden, located just a station away from Rathaus Steglitz with the S-Bahn, should definitely be a place on your must-see list! We especially love their greenhouses with exotic plants.

Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum, Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8, 14195 Berlin

Open daily 9h-20h, see exceptions here



Steglitz Park

The Steglitz Park offers a great and easily accessible escape from the hustle and bustle of West Berlin’s sometimes busy life. There’s plenty of lawns to relax on and enough trees that, from the right angle, the park could almost look like a forest.

Steglitz Park, Albrechtstraße 42, 12167 Berlin




You might not have expected to find any tips for urban exploring in this guide, but here it comes: if you take a bus from Rathaus Steglitz, you can catch a glimpse of a brutalist building that will present a huge contrast to the residential area you’ll see on the way. I’m talking about the Mäusebunker (‘’Mouse Bunker’’), the Freie Universität Berlin animal testing lab, designed by the architect Gerd Hänska

“Mäusebunker”, FU-Berlin, Hindenburgdamm 26, 12203 Berlin


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