Dose of Pleasure: Raving and Dancing at a Safe Distance Tempelhofer Feld

Summer is slowly awakening Berlin from the long winter sleep and many people miss the long nights out with their friends in their favorite clubs. While many clubs are now proposing outdoor beer garden concepts, this might not be the perfect solution for the passionate raver and dancer among us. 

It’s not a surprise that the amount of illegal raves at Hasenheide and in the forests surrounding the city has increased dramatically over the last weeks. Many might not feel comfortable with the idea of throwing themselves into a big crowd of strangers. Others can’t suppress their desire anymore for a night out with music and dancing. It feels a bit twisted that something so natural like dancing together has to be postponed to an unknown future. Yet the Pandemic is not over and the international development of numbers shows that the world is still in a fragile state. 


Dose of Pleasure – A New Movement Meditation in Berlin


For myself, I found a perfect solution to this dilemma. My dance teacher Alvin Collantes is a creature of the night that loves raving and partying like a true Berlin spirit. He developed a new method of dancing that mixes different styles into one unique experience. His “Dose of Pleasure” session is an individual interpretation of Gaga (a contemporary dance style from Israel), sound healing, and raving that helps unleash your inner wild animal. 

I have been in his classes for over a year and during quarantine, I was so happy he offered his Doses of Pleasure via Live stream. Now he has geared up with a portable sound system and brings his dance sessions to Tempelhofer Feld. There he teaches a bigger group with a safe distance so that nobody has to feel uncomfortable. The class does not require any kind of dance preparation and is suited to all kinds of bodies and movement experience levels. The sessions feel sometimes like a big sexy rave and sometimes like an intense and powerful meditation. Try to go there without expectations and I am sure you will be overwhelmed. 



How to Attend


To visit his classes that happen nearly daily around sunset you have to join a whatsapp group to stay informed about the exact location (that changes sometimes) and the updates of the weather forecast. Also, you can sign up over his Eventbrite page to get a spot. 

You should wear comfortable shoes and a relaxed dance outfit. But if you feel like it, you can also dress up as you would for your favorite party. For myself “Dose of Pleasure” was exactly what the name is promising. A little portion of joy you can integrate into your daily life. 



About Alvin Collantes


Alvin is a Berlin-based dancer, teacher, and photographer. He is part of the KDV Dance Ensemble and a talented performer in many different settings. He calls himself a rave shaman – a warlock of passion; a junkie for pleasure. He will teach you to go wild and be safe at the same time. 

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