ENTER THE CLUB: A Playful Virtual Reality Experience of Berghain

illustration: Virginie Kypriotis

Berlin’s nightlife has served as inspiration for many art forms. Multiple illustrators have managed to convey the atmosphere of the wild parties that go on for days, among them Virginie Kypriotis with her fantastic visions of Berghain. The new project ENTER THE CLUB has made her work even more enthralling by turning it into a virtual reality experience.

The project, produced by UN OEIL SUR TOUT, a Paris-based digital creative studio, features the colorful visions of Berghain, which were previously presented on iHeartBerlin. The detailed illustration of Berghain is loosely based on the actual plan of the erstwhile power station which turned into one of the most celebrated nightlife locations ever. Experiencing it in virtual reality will surely bring back many memories to some. To those who haven’t had the chance to visit the techno mecca in real life, the app will provide a unique chance to do so from the comfort of their home.

And since it looks like Berliners will actually have to survive the dreaded winter without the solace of a heated dancefloor to resort to, any attempts at keeping up the club culture are appreciated. The app is currently only available for iOS and you can download from here. Check out the short demo in the video below.


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