Experience One Last Rave at Beloved Neukölln Club Griessmuehle

Completely unrelated to the ongoing pandemic, the beloved Neukölln club Griessmuehle had to close down a year ago for reasons you can read up about here. It was a blow to the nightlife scene of Berlin as it stood for the worrying recent city developments of Berlin and the ongoing club closings we’ve witnessed now for a decade and more. The city is full of night clubs but oddly the popular district of Neukölln doesn’t really have that many, so it was a major loss for the party kids of the neighborhood.

Luckily, the club makers of Griessmuehle could move their outstanding programming to Alte Münze last year and also found a new location in Schöneweide at the Revier Südost. But with the permission for outdoor raves coming relatively late last summer, there was not much raving to happening.

The happier we are about the upcoming Griessmuehle One More Time digital event created in collaboration with LiveJar. The digital rave collective recreated the iconic club in Minecraft to enable fans to experience their party home base one last time with a realistic sound experience and real DJ sets by Griessmuehlen regulars and residents such as Ellen Allien, Spencer Parker, Discodromo, Anthony Rother, FJAAK, Regal and many more.

If you’re a Minecraft Java Edition user, you can access the virtual club experience completely free. It’s a multiplayer environment, so you will encounter other users in there, there will be drinks and other objects with special effects, a live light show, a virtual record store and a chillout area hosted by UNRUSH. Otherwise, if you’re not a Minecraft user there will be a live stream to follow on the Griessmuehle Youtube channel. Sound’s fun! Here’s a little trailer to give you an impression:



Believe it or not, but Griessmuehle is not the only Berlin club rebuilt in Minecraft. There’s also a virtual Berghain in there which you can get a preview of right here. Would be fun to see other places there as well, such as Sisyphos, KitKat Club, or Wilde Renate.

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