Explore the Virtual Worlds of the Fantastischen Vier with Magenta VR


In recent years, virtual reality has ceased to be an abstract concept and turned into a more and more accessible technology that is changing our everyday life. One of the big players in the field is Deutsche Telekom. Their Magenta VR app is proof that virtual reality is not only a great tool for entertainment and education, but also it can actually foster human connection. 

The visitors at Berlin’s IFA exhibition in September were the first to see Fantaventura – a groundbreaking VR experience featuring the German cult music group, Die Fantastischen Vier. This unique project, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band, gives a brand new life to their popular song “Tag am Meer” and is exclusively available in a 360°-version in the Magenta VR App. From what we saw, the VR experience aesthetically resembles the classic music video for that song, so if you’ve ever enjoyed watching it, now you’ll have the chance to actually step inside it along with the musicians! 




The product is a treat for music fans and tech enthusiasts alike: combining exclusive footage of the band members and their history with the immersive 6-Degrees-of-freedom experience (exclusively available for Steam) of hanging out on a fantastic island called “Fantaventura”.

Another awesome experience made possible by Telekom Magenta VR is an initiative supporting budding artists. Thanks to the app, users can visit a collective painting exhibition displaying 90 works of young German artists. It’s astonishing that one is able to admire the paintings from the comfort of their home, considering that the exhibition is actually taking place in Bonn, Wiesbaden, and Chemnitz. 



These are just two examples of Magenta VR’s wide range of 360-degree videos. The app features plenty more, including experiences from fields such as entertainment, sports, education, and music. 

Magenta VR’s offer goes even further – the app allows you to join a pioneering social VR platform. Their VR Lounge makes it possible to meet up with friends (or at least their avatars) and browse together through Magenta VR’s impressive video library or even chat via language function. 



You can download the Magenta VR App for free onto your iOS/Android operated smartphone or tablet. Of course, you can also use the app with VR headsets for an even more immersive experience! If you don’t have one yet, you can actually use a special cardboard together with your smartphone, to check out the feelings and impressions of a virtual reality experience. And we have five of these accessories to give away! If you want to win one of the VR cardboards in a special Fantaventura design, simply shoot us an email to hey@iheartberlin.de until October 15th, 2019. Make sure to already include your preferred shipping address. Good luck!


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