Fantastic Beasts of Berlin: A Safari Park at the Tempelhofer Feld

I’m sure we’ve all experienced some bizarre sightings on Tempelhofer Feld – but still, the pictures that you’ll about to see in this post will most definitely surprise you. Wild animals running free along the same stretches of land that are usually frequented by skaters? Read on to see some fantastic impressions of wildlife captured in one of the most iconic urban locations of Berlin and find out what it’s all about.

Few places epitomize Berlin’s free and open spirit like Tempelhofer Feld does. The grounds that once belonged to an airport now constitute one of Berlin’s most iconic hangout spots, where people from all over the city come over to socialize and simply celebrate life. Malte Jensen, the man behind the Tempela National Park project, took this idea a step further and used the familiar surroundings of Tempelhofer Feld to direct our attention towards the endangered life of animals.

The incredible images created for the project aren’t just fascinating to look at – they also serve a higher goal than the simple visual pleasure. With Tempela, Malte Jensen wants to increase awareness for the subject of endangered species. On Tempela’s website, apart from the pictures, you can also find information on particular species – how many are left and why should we try to save them.

We absolutely love Tempela for being a project that transcends reality and yet has the potential to change it in a real way.

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