Feast Your Eyes on This Sexy Dinner Event: Die Weisse Maus 2022

photos: Fruit Salat Films and Weisse Maus. 

Step into a time machine of the senses and transport yourself back a century to the “Goldener Zwanziger” or the Golden Twenties, of Weimar Berlin. Let yourself be intoxicated by the decadence of the smoky and sweet Berliner Luft, and pay homage to the legendary Weisse Maus. From the creative minds behind The House of Red Doors and some of Berlin’s finest performance artists, chefs, musicians, and sommeliers, comes Die Weisse Maus 2022.


Die Weisse Maus is a fully immersive culinary experience inspired by Weimar Berlin from Billie Rae, one of the founders of Bad Bruises, and her dedicated team. We’re no strangers to Billie Rae’s universe here at IheartBerlin; we’ve featured several House of Red Doors parties, covered Wilden Renate’s Overmorrow installation, and I wrote about the red box of sin, the Peepshow, this past summer. 

We’re happy to announce that Billie Rae hasn’t stopped creating spaces for us all to connect with our more sensual sides. Bad Bruises, the collective that created The House of Red Doors, was put to bed in 2021 and from its ashes arose LUNACY BERLIN. The new collective began late last year with House of Lunacy – Outer Space, an​​ intergalactic journey through Salon Zur Wilden Renate, and The Midnight Society, “a private members club hosted by the grand Madame of The House of Red Doors,” joined the Luniverse on Halloween. Next up from LUNACY BERLIN is Weisse Maus, a theater dining experience guaranteed to transport you to a different century. 



Die Weisse Maus pays homage to the infamous club of the same name, one of Berlin’s most notorious late-night spots during the Golden Twenties. Renowned for its exclusivity, this cabaret only had 98 precious seats, and guests would wear masks to hide their identities as the club hosted some of the city’s most raucous and debauched entertainment. 

The infamous Anita Berber and her dancers of the damned frequented the cabaret’s stage. Her performances broke antiquated taboos with full nudity, references to her drug addiction, and bisexuality, which dominated local gossip at the time. Essentially, her performances celebrated all our favorite strains of hedonism. “Now, exactly 100 years later, we pay homage to this time of creativity and artistry from the modern-day libertines and free spirits of Berlin,” says Billie Rae.



Billie Rae’s Weisse Maus pairs the cabaret experience with a 3-course meal. prepared by award-winning caterer Ricarda Farnbacher and features a unique cast of characters, eager to fill Anita Berber’s sinful shoes. The show is directed by Billie Rae and includes many names familiar to LUNACY regulars such as Martini Cherry Furter (The Madame), Lori Baldwin, Bishop Black, Evilyn Frantic, Julietta La Doll, Dunja Von K, and many more. 

“It’s been such a long time in the making,” says Billie Rae. “We’re desperate to keep the magic alive in the city right now.” And while the next House of Lunacy party, originally scheduled for the end of January, has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the show must go on, and Weisse Maus will make its debut in February. Berlin may not be able to dance at the moment, but we can still dine! 



Unlike many other Lunacy events, Weisse Maus is not a party or a sex party. “This is a performance-based event created for food and theater,” says Billie Rae. “However, the themes running throughout will be heavily sex-positive and queer, highlighting the diversity of the city Berlin, its subcultures, and the trials and strains of the Weimar Era. Open minds are essential.” The event is for adults only, 21 and over. 

To maintain the fantasy of Die Weisse Maus, guests are required to come in costumes inspired by the Weimar era. Guests may choose between a set vegan or meat dinner. 2G+ entry requirements will apply. 



Weisse Maus will be held at a secret location from the 25th and 26th of February with more dates being added soon. Tickets include a 3-course meal but add ons such as a starter of oysters and a nighttime cruise to the venue are available for an additional fee. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is almost sold out, so be sure to get a ticket soon. 

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