Finally Together Again: A Photo Shoot with AA Collected

photos: Lovis Ostenrik. 

What an unusual time it has been. I feel excited and uneasy, that we can with absolute certainty say, that this year has truly not been like any other year of our lives. Staying inside and not being able to see our friends and family for an uncertain amount of time was a tough new challenge. 

Never before have I missed human connection as deeply as I have during these past months. I can’t imagine the consequences this will have on human interaction for years to come. To now be able to finally meet people again actually brings my heart rate up. It made me realize how important a sense of togetherness is, more than I ever thought possible. 


top: M’y Art, jewelry: Carolina Silva


left. sweater: We are still BB, jewelry: IAAI & Gina Melosi; right. scarf: Random Walk, jewelry: Mies Nobis

jewelry: Milanova Studio, Sibilla Santucci, TYPE Berlin; cup: Studio Cuze


I was all the happier when our iHeartBerlin team finally reunited after all this time. No matter how creative you get with keeping in touch over the distance – simply hanging out together, eating, drinking, joking, laughing is just irreplaceable. Being together now for the first time after so long, had such a revigorating, inspiring, and motivational effect on all of us. It doesn’t only bring us together physically, but also creatively.

We owe our little reunion to our friend Millie who we met 10 years ago at the third-anniversary event of iHeartBerlin. She invited us to play models for a photo shoot in collaboration with her concept store AA COLLECTED that represents a range of independent young brands such M’y Art, We are still BB, This is Fred, Mies Nobis, Gina Melosi, IMAIMA, Marco Scaiano, Dreamon and Anekdot. The designs we are wearing in the photos can all be thoroughly looked at in the AA COLLECTED store on Skalitzer Straße 77 in Kreuzberg. 


bombers & longsleves: M’y Art; sweaters & T-Shirt: We Are Still BB

bedsheets: Dreamon, jewelry: TUKOA by Turquoise Maisonneuve


left. jacket: IMAIMA, jewelry: Gina Melosi; right. top: This is FRED


Millie led us to this gorgeous, brightly lit photo studio in Neukölln where we shot some amazing editorial footage with the talented photographer Lovis Ostenrik who some of you might remember from the iconic Stay at Home photo series we published here on iHeartBerlin back in April

While he did some really cool solo shots with all of us, my favorite part turned out to be the group scenes. Frank brought these amazing group photo inspirations from various vintage band photos that we wanted to translate into a modern and editorial vibe. Andy put some of his amazing SoundCloud mixes on and with the music turned up our team was REALLY going for the poses – as you can see we had a blast together! 



left. bomber: M’y Art, bra: Anekdot, jewelry: IAAI; right. pants: This is FRED, harness: Marco Scaiano, jewelry: Milanova Studio


left. pants: This is FRED, harness: Marco Scaiano, jewelry: IAAI; right. scarf: Random Walk, top: This is FRED, jewelry: Carolina Silva



photography: Lovis Ostenrik, production: Millicent Nobis, styling: Gina Melosi

clothing: M’y Art, This is FRED, We Are Still BB, IMAIMA, Marco Scaiano, Random Walk, Anekdot

jewelry: Mies Nobis, Gina Melosi, IAAI, Carolina Silva, Milanova Studio, Sibilla Santucci, TYPE Berlin, TUKOA by Turquoise Maisonneuve

home: Dreamon, Studio Cuze

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