Finding Back To Your Intuition: An Interview with Meditation & Yoga Expert Michaela Aue

In this day and age, we are constantly exposed to countless impressions and digital distractions that leave us exhausted. Many apps try to reach us with their push messages, while social media is making it easy to compare ourselves to our high-achieving colleagues at work. And if that isn’t enough stress, living in a big city like Berlin, life is loud and busy. In need of good wellness tips, I reached out to the amazing Michaela Aue, who has got detoxing and balanced living down, like no other. Michaela works as a yoga teacher and consultant and has recently launched a very powerful podcast, Die Kunst du selbst zu sein (The art of being you), that discusses everything we need for a balanced and healthy life.

On your Instagram, you give your subscribers tips on how to find a balance in their life. Where do you go to Berlin when you have had a stressful day?

My daily walk takes me to the Bürgerpark Pankow. It’s just around the corner and there is a small compound with cute goats that I love to visit when I’m there. They like to cuddle (laughs). It is very beautiful in the morning, when no one is awake and on the road. Goats, trees, a small river, what more do you need to detox?


What simple practices and activities do you recommend stressed Berliners to find a better balance in everyday life?

Go for a walk, really. It’s so easy and so effective. Just walk through the park for a few minutes, look at the trees and listen to the birds. And you will feel connected with yourself again. Breathe! Breathe in deeply three times. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Sometimes you don’t need more than that to feel at peace again.


photo: iHeartBerlin

Your new podcast is about all the things that make us healthy and happy. What is your recipe for a healthy and happy life?

Being and staying in the now and doing things that you really enjoy. I give more space and power to my gut feeling than my head. Over time, I’ve learned that I can trust this inner voice, that it tells me what I should do or not and always helps me aiming for the right direction. Also, it helps to remember not to take life with all its changes too seriously.


Who is the most inspiring person in your life and what did he teach you?

For me, I don’t have this one person that inspires me. All the people I meet function like teachers in my life. Be it the stressed-out person at the checkout, that reminds me to have patience and compassion, be it my relationship where I keep learning to leave my own comfort zone in a variety of ways, or other self-employed women that have built up their own business from whom I can learn from. One of my favorite teachers called this “the expander”. Expanders are people who broaden my perspective from whom I can learn new things that can help me even if they are very small.


Do you sometimes feel pressured to live healthier, more sustainable and be a good role model for your subscribers?

I do not see myself as a role model. After all, I’m just a human being, trying out different methods that may make life a little easier. Of course, I like to share these things, hoping that they may offer some inspiration to others. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we need to try and test what works for us, from diet to exercise to meditation. That’s the exciting thing about life!


photos: Alicia Kassebohm

You’ve also created a beginner’s meditation series that people can subscribe to via email. What does meditation mean for you?

Meditation connects me with my intuition. It helps me to be with me and not to take things so hard and, above all, not so seriously. Mediation keeps my feet on the ground. It acts a bit like an oxygen mask on an airplane. I can only be there for others when I’m taking care of my oxygen first. For me, the main theme of my meditation series “The Art Of Being You” is that people consciously take their time to search for their inner voice again. The quieter it gets on the outside, the louder our inner voice becomes.


In April the She She Retreat takes place in Mallorca, where you teach yoga together with other passionate yogis. How did you start with yoga and what do you love about yoga practice?

I started yoga when I was a teenager, almost 20 years ago. The practice, at some point, was no longer just practice, but it has become a part of my life. In a way, Yoga is the greatest teacher of my life because it is always changing. It’s keeping me open for change, and most of all, always has me leaving my comfort zone. If you would like to leave your comfort zone you are very welcome to join us on the retreat.

photo: She She Retreat

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