FUCK 2020 – The New Magazine by Pornceptual

photo: Nonothing. 

Pornceptual is launching its fourth magazine issue FUCK 2020 – a sentiment many of us can relate to – bringing us inclusive pornographic artwork by over 100 contributors from 33 countries and 5 continents.

Without a doubt, the pandemic has had a profound impact on our relationship with intimacy, human touch, and sex this past year. Through the lens of pornography and art, FUCK 2020 explores such topics by providing a platform to artists whose voices are not always heard, especially as the threat of online censorship continues to grow.

Although turbulent, last year was historic, but sex was not always part of the narrative,” wrote the Pornceptual editorial team. “We can’t let these stories be forgotten, in particular the ones of marginalized sexualities.


photo: Kiddy Smile by André Atangana

photo: André Medeiros Martins

photo: Arsenyco

photo: Oliver Sarley

photo: Itsversayce


Featured on the front cover is French ballroom legend Kiddy Smile who discusses in an interview the many challenges performers have been facing as the pandemic has brought queer and sex-positive nightlife to a standstill. By allowing artists to express themselves in print format during times of instability, Pornceptual is also supporting those who otherwise rely on live events for their livelihood, innovation, and continued self-exploration.

Fedato hopes that FUCK 2020 will inspire readers to explore how pornographic art could redefine the recent gloom and doom, as the magazine shares works on a variety of issues relating to isolation, queerness, feminism, and digital sex in a more hopeful and celebratory light.

“It was important for us to set the right tone for the magazine,” the Pornceptual editorial wrote. “We were dealing with delicate themes, but the stories are about empowerment, optimism, and political reflections. The year was gloomy for a lot of us, but it’s not what the magazine is about.”


photo: Bruno Nogueira

photo: Karolina Jackowska

photo: Nonothing

photo: Chris Phillips

photo: Omer Gaash


Despite the challenges of 2020, the Pornceptual team has been “very inspired by the innovation and resilience shown by the communities represented.” 

The colorful and thought-provoking work featured in the magazine is a true indication of the power of art, sex, and creativity, and will certainly give you an inspiring taste of the intimacy that we all have been missing during these times. 

Pornceptual aims to decontextualize pornography from the way it is consumed in the mainstream by bringing into the paradigm of art that is queer, diverse, and inclusive. If you want to support Pornceptual and the artists featured in the FUCK 2020 issue you can pre-order your copy here.


photo: Proud Devakula & Phattharaporn Thongsuk

photo: Stefan Gunnesch & John Brant

photo: Tarek Moukaddem

photo: Tatenda Chidora

photo: Yeu Sánchez

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