5 Fun Alternative Night Activities Other Than Clubbing

photos: Vismante Ruzgaite. 

Have you had these approaching Friday nights, that you didn’t want to spend clubbing – again – but had no better idea what to do? You feel indecisive, yet sure it should be something fun and unusual this weekend. To give you an idea of how to change things up and encourage your friends to try something new, we did all the research for you! In the end, we came up with some pretty cool evening activities with a nightlife vibe, to make new Berlin memories. Enjoy!

Learn How to Mix the Perfect Cocktail at ShakeNight

If you love to mix cocktails for your friends at house parties (and pretty good at hiding your struggle), this is the activity for you. Shakenight was founded in Berlin, takes place in different bars and each evening is themed after your favorite cocktail. So you get a 90-minute workshop on how to create your favorite drink – with lots of tastings included, of course.




Enjoy Electronic Beats Under Water at Liquidrom

There is barely are a more beautiful and stylish bath in Berlin than the Liquidrom. If you haven’t been, that is already a very good reason to spend an evening there. What I love most about it are their themed nights. Instead of going to a stinky, loud club to feel electronic beats pulsating through your body, you can float in a swimming pool and listen to the beats instead. The themed night Electro Vibes starts at 7 pm and ends at 23 pm – just in time to get home and wake up rested and refreshed.




Create Your Own Painting at the Artnight

Do you know that situation when you start any sort of artwork – a drawing, a song, a story – but never finish it? For that reason, Artnight was created, that happens almost every night in different bars in Berlin (and also other cities and countries). Within a few hours, a local artist helps you to create a painting, that you will definitely finish and take home by the end of the night! You don’t need any skills or material – paint, brushes and a canvas will be provided for you. Ready for an unusual night and a painting, that you can be proud of?




Take a Spinning Class with Techno Music

Do you belong to those crazy Berlin peeps who ride their bike everywhere in the city? If biking has a special place in your heart, RideBLN will be a great workout for you. And for all of those who think they’re not into it, let me tell you RideBLNs specialty before you decide: an evening of Techno and spinning! A very Berlin-like touch to a sporty evening!




Defy Gravity with Pole Dancing

Want to try something new and exciting? Some of you might have tried ballet in the past and had your fair share of hip hop or jazz dance classes, but have you dared to take on the pole before? Pole dancing is very challenging but will give a boost to your posture and self-confidence. When you feel like going dancing, but don’t want to rub on sweaty backsides in a club, you could try taking a late night dance class instead! Some of the best pole dance schools, such as IVA and Drehmomente, offer late classes that will ensure you a hot and interesting evening. And maybe one day you’ll master the pole like FKA twigs in her new video.

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