Get the Most Awesome Looking Christmas Presents this Year at Bikini Berlin


I am a huge fan of creatively wrapped Christmas presents as I have previously proven with our Christmas wrapping guide. Of course, I was super excited to hear about the new Christmas special by Bikini Berlin that is all about artfully decorated presents. Following their tradition of previous seasons, they have once again installed a beautiful big wrapping station in the middle of the concept shopping mall where you can have your presents wrapped or get crafty and wrap them yourselves.

But it wouldn’t be Bikini Berlin if this would be some ordinary type of wrapping station. Once again they invited a local artist to not only design the special edition wrapping papers but also create an entire photo set that transforms the designs from the papers into a big colorful world to step into and take pictures in.

This year’s artist is Sebastian Haslauer. I got to meet him at Bikini Berlin right inside the set he designed and got to talk to him about his inspirations and designs. Sebastian’s specialty is the art of collage. He has an incredible archive of old magazines from the 50s, 60s, 70s as well as books and random clippings that fill an endless amount of boxes. His joyful pop-art collages have traveled all around the world with him to exhibitions in New York, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Prag and graced popular magazines such as Dummy, Neon, Lowdown and SZ-Magazine.

For his Bikini Berlin designs, he found inspiration in the colorful interior design of the Kantini food market upstairs. Digging deep into his boxes of clippings, unearthing rare vintage crafts books on the internet, and combining archive photographs of the historic building itself he created a set of three Christmas characters wrapped in their own little worlds. Each design is so rich in details that you never stop discovering new little things you hadn’t noticed before.

Of course, I immediately got crafty myself and put the wrapping station to the test wrapping one of our new Learn Deutsch books. I totally love the result and can’t wait to give the book to someone in this awesome package.

If you too want your Christmas gifts to look as fun as this one you can head over to Bikini Berlin for some Christmas shopping and get your presents wrapped there this month. You can also take the paper with you and wrap your presents at home, it’s totally for free and also comes with lots of little stickers to continue the pop-up collage style of the designs by Sebastian Haslauer. You can even write your Christmas greeting cards there and have them sent to your loved ones for free by Bikini Berlin. Christmas doesn’t get much merrier than this!

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