Go Ice Skating at Berghain this Winter

The festival of experimental electronic music CTM 2019 (Club Transmediale) is bringing two unlikely mediums together that are both very popular during winter time: Berghain and ice skating! What?! Yesss, you heard correctly! CTM is announcing „Eishalle“, an installation that will feature an ice skating rink inside the impressively huge Halle am Berghain.

Starting on January 25th at 4 pm, you can officially go ice skating at Berghain! Of course, CTM won’t leave your ice skating performance without musical accompaniment. A variety of DJs such as in Skatebård, Rabih Beani, Mo Loschelder, Occult, and Freak de l’Afrique will create a one of a kind atmosphere. The installation and performances will be there for you to enjoy until February the 10th all topped by the unique light design of Berlin’s premier light artist Christopher Bauder.

Location: Halle am Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin
Entrance: 5€, 3€ to rent skates
Opening times: January 25 – February 10
Mo: closed, Tuesday through Saturday: 4 – 12 pm

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