Going In Deep & Hard: This Queer Artist Designs Porcelain Sex Toys

photos: Vismante Ruzgaite. 

We got a chance to meet Jessie Keane who makes ceramic fine arts – for your kitchen, plants and… private parts.

Jessie is laying on the floor of our photo studio. Coming in for a normal interview, spotlights and cameras were probably not what the 27-year-old expected from this otherwise ordinary Thursday night. But we couldn’t resist photographing the charming artist with her kinky creations.

“Oh god, I’m dressed way too casually for this,” she replies when we ask her to step into the spotlight. Keeping things casual, yet a little unusual is exactly what we were looking for. In the end, Jessie is not selling your usual ceramics.




Coming from a background in film and gallery curation, the young entrepreneur then focused on her own art and self-taught craft. “I took a pottery course back in Australia, but other than that it’s a lot of experimentation and learning by doing,” Jessie tells us, while our photographer Vismante is readjusting the light, “I wanted to make porcelain fashion at first, but that turned out way too heavy, and I wanted to create something that can actually be used.”

Born in Northern-Australia, she now resides in Berlin, a city that has liberated herself and her desire to be an artist. “I’m from the Gold Coast. That’s like a mix of Florida and California – just worse,” Jessie laughs, “You can’t even smoke a joint. It’s horrible,” Still, she tries to go back every two years for friends and family, she tells us, but can’t stay away from Berlin for too long. “The great thing about my work is that I can make it wherever I am.”



She offers a wide variety of handmade pieces online through her label JAK fine arts from planters to tableware and more experimental designs that incorporate her love for illustration. Her kinky-queer sex toy collection called _fckboi, which she refers to as porcelain sculptures, is, however, purely commission-based. “Most of my clients are queer, I think it’s the unusual design and unknown material that appeals mainly to queers and inspires them to have new experiences. Porcelain is exciting because it’s solid and its texture gives a completely different sensation than usual sex toys. As you can put it in boiling water, it can have whatever temperature you want. That also makes it super sanitary, and if you drop it, it will just bounce. It’s also hypoallergenic.”

Jessie offers dildos and butt-plugs in all shapes, colors, and sizes for 35 to 95 Euros, which she has also started to sell at local events in Berlin such as the party LECKEN. Lately, she has also started working on cock rings and wants to explore various forms and textures by blending her designs with different materials like metal, glass or wood. “Each of my designs is a one-off that cannot be reproduced,” the artist says, “They’re based on a lot of research on sex toys in general and really listening to the feedback I get from clients.”




In the future, Jessie plans to organize special events to sell her products. “How cool would it be to have like a Tupper-wear party, but for sex toys?”

We’d come.

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