A Guide to Spanish Creatives, Projects & Places in Berlin

photo: Irene Cruz

As they say: one of the best things about living in Berlin is that you feel like traveling around the world in one city. And on this trip of discovering new cultures, finally, we are ready to take you on a journey through the artsy Spanish side of Berlin. After The Best Spanish Restaurants, we are going to unravel the most creative side of our culture presenting you some really cool creative Spanish people that have chosen Berlin to thrive. Enjoy!

Raúl Soria

Raúl Soria is an Aragonese illustrator who just won the 37th American Illustration award. His drawings have a really strong and coherent aesthetics. The combination of flat colors and strong textures create a colorful and playful world. He is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers which explains why his illustrations reflect on the social turmoil, social media, and technology – but always with a humorous and ironic approach.

illustrations: Raúl Soria



Ana Hell

Ana Hell is a photographer who experiments with the bodies of her models as if they were human sculptures. In her photographs, bodies are bent, intertwined, stretch, merged together… She transforms them beyond recognition and in that change, new shapes and creatures emerge from flesh and bones. And don’t forget to check her “Berliners” photo series and walk through Berlin with those tiny and strange creatures that she has created.

photos: Ana Hell



Irene Cruz

This young Spanish photographer is on top of the mountain. Irene Cruz has created a parallel world with a cold palette, wild nature as an essential protagonist and female bodies. Each photo is like a visual haiku. Bodies that become one with nature. She creates otherworldly pictures that have a mythological and ancient aura that makes you feel like you are entering a dream.

photos: Irene Cruz



Mauricio F. Corridan

I have to admit that I’m especially thrilled to talk about Mauricio F. Corridan. That’s because we both come from the Canary Islands and couldn’t be more proud to be able to show off some Canary talent. Mauricio teams up with Olja and together they are Omocado Studio. Their work has been featured by iconic design websites like iGNANT and brands such as Calvin Klein, Burberry and Escada have collaborated with them, giving their wonderful work a recognized stamp of approval. Their photos have a very particular aesthetic with slightly muted colors, a strong presence of fashion, a minimalistic style, and amazing shooting locations.

photos:Omocado Studio



Jessica Polar

Eclectic, daring and versatile. Jessica Polar luckily didn’t listen to the damn advice that everyone gives you: “focus on a very specific topic”. Maybe the thing is not focusing on anything in particular. By doing that, you end up creating something new and interesting. Black and white, color or with a strong red filter, she doesn’t shy away from anything. She captures the insignificant and forgotten details that nobody sees. In her series, there’s a place for almost everything. And still, she manages to keep the unity. Looking at Jessica Polar’s photos is like watching a film, every frame a new scene, every frame a new surprise. And what about her polaroids? In three words: Pornceptual+Polaroid+Jessica Polar, let’s get this party started!

photos: Jessica Polar



Isabel Alberts

Isabel Alberts is a contemporary illustrator who is not afraid to experiment with different techniques both traditional and new. She narrates a different story within every drawing so she adapts the technique to each drawing so the viewer understands the hidden meaning of every detail. Isabel Alberts creates compelling and really interesting pieces that are very different from one another. And let’s just say it, she has just pure talent and the mastery to capture human figure, animals, plants and anything that comes across her hands.

illustrations: Isabel Alberts


Berlin con Mucho Arte

The literal translation of this space’s name would be something like “Berlin with lots of art”. Doesn’t sound quite right but in Spanish to say that something has “lots of art” means that something or someone is really great. And indeed it is because at “Berlin con Mucho Arte” artists from around the world can be part of the thrilling art scene of the city. This space is really interested in giving the chance to emerging artists to show their work. It also serves as the perfect place to network and chat with other peers, revel in a great exhibition or simply enjoy being surrounded by the always surprising aura that art creates. Because what is art about but making spaces come to life?

photos: Berlin con Mucho Arte




Berlin is not only the preferred destination of young and emerging creatives willing to pursue their dreams or die trying. This city also has captivated the hearts of consecrated artists. And that the case of Santiago Ydañez, Sergio Belinchón, Rui Calçada Bastos, Paul Ekaitz, Antonio Mesones, Noé Sendas. These six artists created the art Gallery Invaliden1 back in 2005.  This artist-run gallery is the result of a group of people joining forces to create a space of confluence. At Invaliden1 not only can you enjoy the work of the artists who founded it but also a heterogeneous flow of international artists.

photos: Invaliden1



Anton Unai

Anton’s work seems to beat at the same pace as Berlin’s hectic rhythm. It’s irregular, explosive, and expansive. A force that takes you through all the possible stages you can imagine. In one word, unpredictable. Graffiti, mixed media, collage, paintings he does it all. And his ironic look at the days we are living in is a very funny and refreshing way to reflect on everything that is going on lately.

photos: Anton Unai



Dodo Laboratory

The Dodo Laboratory is a jewel among creative projects designed for children. This collective has done workshops in Spain, Portugal, and Germany. They are spreading new ways to think and to understand the world for those who will have our future in their hands: the kids.  They use creativity and invite the children to take action and be in control of their own decisions, always through a creative approach. They are focused on giving the children the chance to engage in meaningful experiences. Forget about those endless boring classes where you wanted to escape. Thanks to Dodo Laboratory, learning is much more than passive listening like a lifeless puppet. They take teaching to a new level that is more coherent and actually relates to the world we all live in.

photos: Dodo Laboratory



Mario Marzo

There are people in this world like me, you know, who have to really focus on one thing to be able to get it right. But then, there are other people who just can do it all. And as you can already imagine, one of these privileged people is the talented Mario Marzo. He is an actor and influencer – and an excellent piano player on top. Born in Spain, now he lives in Berlin and through his Youtube channel and Instagram you can follow all his adventures.

photos: Mario Marzo


El Pez Dorado

As many of you surely have done, I was spending a blissful sunny Sunday at Mauerpark. While I was walking through that colorful labyrinth of stands, I stumbled upon this tiny but really cute jewelry one called El Pez Dorado. Fátima Montero and Luis Alhama are the sculptors and designers who made this possible and have been running El Pez Dorado since 2015. Their work is really minimal and essential. Every piece lives up to the quote “Less is more”. Every piece is an ode to natural forms with geometrical shapes. Jewelry can often be really colorful, and big to gain the attention of the other. Nevertheless, the jewels of El Pez Dorado are discreet and subtle silver lines that will stand out with your total black outfit.


photos: El Pez Dorado

If you know of any other talented creatives, projects and spaces from Spain here in Berlin, do let us know in the comments below!

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