Sky Under Berlin – An Exhibition in one of the Darkest Places of Berlin

Imagine you are sitting in a secret bar in Berlin, between hundreds of candles and listening to atmospheric sounds. A person dressed all in black accompanies you to an old closet. Inside is a hidden door that leads you into an ancient cellar of the building. At the end of this corridor, you find yourself in another world – deep inside the heads of 10 artists who lead you through a dark labyrinth of their imagination… The path through the darkness leads you back to the red bar, while the experiences in the darkness fade into a dream.

Following the huge success of the group exhibitions “The Darkrooms” and “Lost Art Festival” the makers of these shows are bringing you a brand new underground art experience from March 23 – April 3, 2022: “Himmel unter Berlin” (Sky Under Berlin) takes you on a journey into the underground of Berlin, to a secret place that will vanish forever once the show is over.


InsideOut by flora&faunavisions


Only 199 people per evening have the opportunity to experience the installations. 10 international artists transform a previously unseen catacomb system into a walk-through experience. Among them are artists such as Leigh Sachwitz (flora&faunavisions), who has already staged the exhibition Olympus Perspective Playground, or light artist Boris Acket, who created the floating wave (Einder) at the Lost Art Festival, will now show 14 unseen installations.

The location is secret and will only be announced 24 hours before the exhibition.


Julia_Sossinka by Frank Sauer


Tickets are not available online but will be shared by personal invitation and through media partners such as iHeartBerlin – that’s us! You can get your ticket through this link using the code: IheartberlinDarkness

Tickets for the previous exhibition were sold out really fast, so you better be quick!

This exhibition is the prelude to a series of underground exhibitions in Berlin. Each guest will receive a personalized Underground Card at the time of their visit, which will give them access to subsequent exhibitions. This card is not available to the public.


JeroenCremers by Carsten Beier

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