Hot New Tunes & Videos by our Favorite Berlin Musicians

The Berlin music scene has been busy in the last months cooking up so many new tunes and music videos that we thought it’s about time to compile another round-up of recent releases by our favorite musicians. This time we have a bunch of newbies in our list that we haven’t previously featured on the blog (shame on us!) but that we are glad to introduce into our musical iHeart universe. Amongst them one of the more famous Berlin musicians, Zebra Katz, as well as newcomers Finn Ronsdorf and the lovely K.ZIA. Of course, we’ve also thrown in the latest music from iHeart favs Fhat, Evvol and Lie Ning. Here we go.




The boys from Fhat have been cooking up a cute new track called Waves that has it’s premiere TODAY, hurrah! We’re really into this new tune, after the humorous and upbeat Packin’ this one’s a bit more of a chill track with a very catchy smooth chorus that we can’t get out of our head!





This wonderful lady has been put onto our radar through one of her famous guest stars in her new video who you will recognize also pops up in our list here today. K.ZIA is giving us future R’n’B – love that term – with her music and the single Goosebumps is as smooth as it gets. We’re also totally in love with that music video as it gives us those Berlin vibes that we’re missing right now.



Zebra Katz


Considering how big Zebra Katz is, we were kinda surprised by the recent announcement of his debut album. It hadn’t occurred to us, that there never was a full-length album by him. But then again, who needs an album, when you got all the hits. But now there finally is a full record that came out last month and here we go with the super-slick music video to one of its singles: MOOR. We certainly want more…



Lyra Pramuk


The divine Lyra Pramuk has released her debut album in February and it’s quite the astonishing piece of art. The entire album has been recorded purely with her voice layered on top of each other. It’s quite incredible how far you can go with this concept and how beautiful and haunting it sounds. Not even Björk’s Medulla was as consistent with that concept as she used bells on some tracks. Here’s the single Tendril of the album Fountain.



Finn Ronsdorf


Finn Ronsdorf is one of those musicians where you don’t expect this kind of voice coming out of this person. But we like these kinds of surprises! His full-bodied, smokey, soulful voice is giving us shivers, perfectly matched with the low-fi eccentric video shot by Matt Lambert.





The girls from Evvol should be familiar with regular readers of the blog. The Berlin duo has been a longtime favorite of us and we are especially in love with their epic new song Help Myself! Especially love the dance performance towards the end! Keep your eyes and ears on Evvol as they are releasing their new album on May 8th, 2020.



Marshall Vincent


We hadn’t heard from Marshall Vincent in a while and were happy to see a new song and video of him popping up recently with a very charming video starring two talented cuties from the Berlin Ballroom scene. It certainly makes the video of Saving Face even more enjoyable!



Lie Ning


This boy has been smooth-motherfucking our airwaves now for months since he released his debut EP last autumn. He’s been quite busy since then playing practically at every event in town and also getting his multi-talented hands involved in many other projects such as one of the above music videos, as well as several other performance projects. Just a few days ago he also released an acoustic version of his first single Tonight along with a cute video produced under quite challenging conditions during the lockdown.





MIKEY. had just released the magnificent new EP Tranceformer back in December with the beautiful single Invincible, so we were surprised to already get new music a few weeks ago. The new track “is this it” is part of the “roots emergence” acoustic series that is a collaboration with poet Ezra Green.


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