How Berlin Creatives Became My Endless Source of Inspiration

Before starting iHeartBerlin my life was not remotely as colorful and filled with creative minds as it is now. Without ever planning to, the blog enriched my life with so many encounters with wonderful people that became my endless source of inspiration. I met designers, that inspired me to start organizing fashion shows. I met store owners that made me create my own products, DJs that led me to run my own parties, dancers that got me involved into the theater scene, artists that became part of my exhibitions.

Up until that point, inspiration was mostly something I had to figure out by myself. And I was ok with that. I don’t remember having role models, or people that I aspired to. It took the perspective of a publication like iHeartBerlin that taught me to open my mind to what other people do, to appreciate their influence and let their creativity color my own. While writing about their work some aspects of their mindset seeped into mine, drop by drop. I was pulled into their worlds that were often so far from my own. But these foreign contexts shaped me like hardly anything else in my life.

What inspires me the most is when artists and creatives disrupt and reinvent their own genres. The courage that it requires, the endurance, the confidence – this is something that impresses me.

This new video portrait that we did in collaboration with newly launched magazine LVRE pays tribute to some of the creative spirits that have graced me in the past 12 years and that make up the “heart” in iHeartBerlin. We’re introducing 6 Berlin creatives that stand out for me: Hungry who created his own genre of “distorted drag”. Raquel and Chris who blend the lines between porn and erotic art with their multidisciplinary project Pornceptual. Laetitia who curates a diverse and inclusive platform for feminine art. Gal who mixes sign language with dance and theater performance. And Kristiane who creates sculptures that can be eaten.


If you enjoyed the video you might be also interested in the other episodes of the Young Bloods series by LVRE that feature amazing creatives from Tokyo and Mumbai. Check them out below.



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Frank is the founder and editor-in-chief of iHeartBerlin. He takes photos, makes videos, and writes texts mostly about what's going on in Berlin. His vision and interests have shaped iHeartBerlin since its conception back in 2007 - and he hopes to continue bringing you the best of Berlin for many years to come.