How Berlin Knows Best How To Celebrate Life

Crack open a bottle of champagne while cleaning and then stick with the drink – groom your mind rather than soulless furniture. Or get stuck in a traffic jam, but sing at the top of your lungs throughout; ​​there are people who manage to turn dull, everyday situations into a party.

The gourmets of life are rarely those who impose themselves on others, rather, the loud-mouthed emptiness that does seem to be the constant shadow of those who manage to poison the most beautiful events with their sad and bitter opinions.

It is these people who rant over how ridiculous it is to spend savings on a single event, or what a waste it is to down that expensive wine on a regular Wednesday for no reason.


The opinion of whether or not you should spend a lot of money on a special occasion is polarising. Some people are more than happy to spend their hard-earned money on a single day or memory. One would, ideally, think that everyone can do or not do with their money precisely what they want, but, alas, the voice of the Bourgeois is always happy to let everyone know, exactly what they think about such lavishness in life:

“Unreasonable and stupid” is the verdict of many small minds. Intergenerational with this attitude, they nod in unity, the empty facial expressions, and joyless hearts even lighting up briefly. Reason! The need to stick to the rules! Frugality! …Ideas that turn most artists-of-life pale. But these thoughts seem to stir up something like long-lost enthusiasm in those who want to spoil the appetites of life’s gourmets.



I interpret the investment in the festivities of life as incredibly romantic; being in love with life, and enjoyment! Who needs the past, or the future, when the present can taste so sweet?

Instead of a car or a trip, one invests in a party with their loved ones. It brings to mind how generous and indulgent many people are.

Life should be a celebration and not a to-do list


Life is characterized by a mix of the mundane and strokes of fate. We cannot protect ourselves from either. But we can counteract them with beautiful highlights.

Blows of fate are usually terrible or sad. But each of us encounters them from time to time. These are the days of horror that we think back on with sadness or fear for a lifetime. And then there is everyday life. No matter how crazy the job, no matter how imaginative your partner, no matter how adorable your children are – at some point everything becomes routine. The days blend into one another. Colorful turns into grey.

But what about the unforgettably beautiful days? The ones we fondly remember for the rest of our lives? Most of the time, these are the memories and victories that we have made and created for ourselves, milestones that we are proud of, or just celebrations of life. 



Behind such days and memories are people who have set themselves goals or who have thought about how to appreciate an occasion in a special way.

If we stopped celebrating life consciously, everything would blur into a grey mass. I don’t know of any city like Berlin, which is so packed with events of all kinds every day:

Expected cool events, surprisingly uptight events, events that would be banned on most of the planet, and then again some completely unexpected ones. 

Because life is still celebrated here, and the Bourgeois is in the minority.

In Berlin, you poison yourself to live, you dance to calm down, you work while others are asleep, love the one you hate, and hate the one you love. Everything makes sense precisely because nothing makes sense.



So you birds of paradise and gourmets of life, don’t let the gloomy pigeon of society drag you down.

A side note, here: pigeons, in fact, can fly very well if they want to, but they usually prefer to walk.

They forego the best view out of fear and laziness. And as they dodge in panic panicked people, they get run over by cars.

The Bird of paradise prefers to take off, and Berliners throw themselves into the waves of the wild nights and days that the city has to offer!

Because even those who drink green smoothies and do Yoga here during the day, even they are two-faced. Often even three, four, five, or 99 faced. How boring would a person be if there were no contradictions, no different sides to them?

So, celebrate the beginning, the end, the middle, the “nothing”, and the “everything at the same time”! Celebrate death and life! Celebrate the events as they come and the events that don’t even exist! Yet. 

* * *

Text: Marie F. Trankovits, photos: Frank R. Schröder/iHeartBerlin


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Marie F. Trankovits moved around the world until she fell in love with Berlin. Currently, she is working on her writing career.