How Classical Music can give you the right Break from Reality


We all have been there: Struggling with the apartment hunt or the job situation in Berlin, questioning the stability of your relationships or just being upset because the right twist to enjoy your everyday life is missing.

Listen, I can give you the quickest antidote to all this mental bullshit. It’s classical music. Believe me!

But let’s start the story from the beginning. For two years now we have been organizing a unique picnic for our readers and writers to enjoy the classic open-air event Staatsoper für Alle in collaboration with Staatsoper Berlin.



The event which is kindly supported by BMW is one of the biggest free classic open-air events in Berlin. On two consecutive days the orchestra of the Staatsoper, the famous Staatskapelle lead by Daniel Barenboim, performs either a free concert or plays the music to a staged Opera which is screened in a cinema-like setting.

On the day of our picnic, we had the pleasure to listen to the live concert. What I really notice every time I am at Staatsoper für Alle: the crowd is very diverse in age and nationality. What brings them all together is the love for classical music.



Before the concert started we were enjoying our picnic and disputing, as usual, the hassles of everyday life. When the music started I had enough space to lie down and closed my eyes. I could not only concentrate on the music but also feel the energy and the attention of the people surrounding me. And bathing in this sensation of music and community I literally felt free from my everyday things. As if somebody had put a very soft and warm filter on everything.

Classical music is a powerful experience because it’s completely handmade and when performed live has this ephemeral aspect. It is nowadays tradition but also a cultural manifest from another time that we need to stay connected to. I was touched by the experience of having this unique music in my ears for myself while being part of something bigger at the same time. And when the final applause started I knew that I shared an experience with friends and strangers that no one can take away.


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