iHeartBerlin’s Secret Party: The Hangout Berlin by Soundboks

Following our concert event with Lie Ning last year at Hallesches Haus, we got together again with Danish speaker brand Soundboks last week for one of their Hangout Berlin sessions and hosted a small secret iHeartBerlin gathering where we invited our current and previous team members and friends to have a good time together.

It was our first event this year, and boy, have we been starving for something like that. It was the first time in a year that we had the whole crew together in one place and it just felt great to finally meet everyone again. We’re super happy that Soundboks made this happen for us.

And the location we picked was also a special one to us, as we celebrated many parties here in the early days of iHeartBerlin when we were still mostly a party blog. Backyard Berlin was the home to the beloved Last Days parties and probably the place that I took the most party photos at. It felt like such a homecoming to dance here again and take pictures.

Just like back then, we had a few Aperol Spritz (a warm thank you for the drinks sponsoring!), many laughs, and many dances. The event became much more than what I had expected and I’m super glad everyone had such a good time. A big thanks to Soundboks for making us part of their Berlin story, for Shira Kela for playing the best tunes, for Studio DB for supporting us with tech and to Backyard Berlin for letting us have a blast in their backyard.

And just like in the old days, I also took a lot of photos that I would love to share with you here.


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