Love in Berlin: Intimate Portraits of Berlin Couples

The intimate photography project is the creation of Berlin-based photographer Julia Liebisch and captures the dynamic of a variety of different couples from Berlin. Her curiosity and devotion towards authentic documentary photography lead her towards the idea of capturing people’s most precious possession – the love towards their significant other. She is devoted to capturing real life and imperfect stories, far away from the staged images, our eyes are already very used to daily on advertisement and social media.

„There are a lot of different types of relationships in this city, and I dove into other people’s private/personal worlds to explore and document them. I photographed everyone in their own homes without lighting equipment, to keep it as real and intimate as possible.“

photos: Julia Liebisch

Her intention is to portray all kinds of love, in order to show that relationships can exist in many forms and that there is no standard mold. An idea that we found very healing in contrast to the many shiny ideals and standards that the modern world has put upon us.

„And even though these relationships may seem very different from one another, or from your own relationship, when it comes down to it we all seem to be dealing with similar issues and conversations. Mostly they are centered around fear, neglect, acceptance, family, desire, values and wanting to be seen and loved.“

Julia herself is very well traveled, while the curiosity of diving into different cultures was surely nurtured by growing up in Germany, in the UK, and in India. Her interesting backstory opened her mind toward creative projects that explore culture, the environment, and people. Even though she has already uniquely captured many couples for this project, she is still keen on adding more faces and stories to it.

„If you think you or someone you know may have an interesting story, get in touch! I’m also still looking to include some older couples, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them my way!“

Are you interested in becoming a part of her beautiful photo series Come Closer? Get involved here or check out more of her amazing work on her website.


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