Visual arts have lived through quite the revolution since the digital age. The possibilities to bend images to your will by changing a few numbers in a computer are practically infinite. Today, we don’t even have to use a computer anymore, as we can create stunning artworks with the help of apps on our phones.

One of the most curious developments of digital art, though, comes from artificial intelligence. Artworks done by AIs have been around for some years but really started to become a thing back in 2018 when auction house Christie’s in New York sold a piece for almost half a million by an AI called “Obvious” that was programmed by a collective from Paris. It’s an exciting concept, trusting programs and algorithms to create something that we humans can emotionally connect to.



The project <MEISTERSTÜCKE> by Jägermeister is now spinning its own take on AI art. Berlin-based design studio Waltz Binaire programmed an AI that uses the Instagram-Accounts of 12 urban artists to create portraits of the artists themselves. The AI analyzed the work of the artists, identified context and shapes and assembled them to eclectic collages that both represent the style of each artist while at the same time sharing an overall aesthetic. The face and creative ambassador of the project is Jazzelle Zanaughtti a.k.a. @uglyworldwide, who’s risen to global fame for her love of the unconventional.

One of the 12 participating artists is iHeartBerlin favorite Andrea Wan. The Berlin-based artist has enchanted us with her dreamy surrealistic drawings already for years and it’s great to see her as a part of a project like this. In her work, she already bends the laws of physics and logic opening your mind to looking at the world with different eyes. It seems like a natural fit to let an AI trying to make sense of it all and placing it together in a wonderful collage that maintains much of the charm of the original works while creating something totally new.

If you can’t fully wrap your head around this concept, we recommend you watch this little video where Jazzelle explains it in her own words.



All of the 12 artworks will be presented as projected murals on Cuvrystr. 9 in Kreuzberg between March 28 and April 4, from 7 pm to 7 am. We know everyone’s currently under self-quarantine these days, but on your way to the supermarket or when you’re taking a walk to catch some fresh air, you can swing by and enjoy these beautiful artworks. Or if you prefer to stay home, which we totally understand, you can also see all of them here on the website of <MEISTERSTÜCKE>.

Last but not least, there will also be an IG face filter created for the project that will let all users experience the work of the AI on their own faces. This one will be available through the Instagram-Account of Jazzelle Zanaughtti a.k.a. @uglyworldwide starting March 31. For updates, check out @jaegermeisterde. Enjoy!

All participating artists: Amon Lang, Andrea Wan, Antonio Tudisco, Cantwo, DXTR, Isakov, Julia Benz, Kai „Raws“ Imhof, Low Bros, Panda Mei, Peter Phobia, and Tony Futura.




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on March 25th, 2020
in Art