Metabolic Rift: A New Immersive Experience at Kraftwerk

photo: Frankie Casillo. 

The old power plant Kraftwerk has proven to be a magnetic event space over and over again. This time, the great halls will feature Metabolic Rift, an immersive experience organized by Berlin Atonal that is supposed to fuse the elements of a festival,  an exhibition, a tour, and a performance.

Kraftwerk is a venue especially suited for immersive exhibitions. You might agree if you remember either the audio-visual experience Skalar or the laser and sound installation Deep Web. Next week, yet another immersive exhibition will transform these halls – an artistic parallel universe that promises to show you around Kraftwerk’s “unexplored areas”.

Anyone who’s previously visited Kraftwerk knows that it’s a space worth exploring. Metabolic Rift provides you the unique opportunity to do so while being immersed in a dynamic art exhibition. According to the organizers, “Borrowing the logic of a ‘ghost train the sequence of artwork-apparitions is set as if according to a musical score. The boundaries between things shift and reassemble. Seeing and hearing happen in a chain reaction, a circulation of kinetic energy.” You can check out the list of artists featured in Metabolic Rift here and buy tickets here.

Apart from the exhibition that will be available for a month, Metabolic Rift also offers a concert series, including artists such as Tim Hecker, Space Afrika, and Caterina Barbieri. Read more about specific concerts and get your tickets here.

photo: Giulia Cenci

photo: Camille Blake

photo: Igor Adameyko

photo: Frankie Casillo

photo: Frankie Casillo

photo: Frankie Casillo

photo: Arash Nassiri

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