New Queer Photography: A Fantastic New Photo Book

If you had the chance to see the iHeartBerlin group exhibition Uncensored Berlin last year, you know that we love supporting bold photographers, unafraid of making a statement. The same thing could be said about Benjamin Wolbergs, who is currently preparing to publish a unique book that presents contemporary LGBTIQ photography, featuring many of the artists that took part in our exhibition.

The photography book features works from more than 40 artists, ranging from household to quite fresh names. According to its description on Kickstarter, the ambitious project is shedding light on ”drag, gender, queerness, and transsexuality in all their variety”. Among the artists featured in the book are Ana Hell and Nathalie Dreier (whose Red Rubber Road series we wrote about here), Damien Blottière, Melody Melamed, Spyros Rennt, and Soraya Zaman.


The book combines fine art and documentary photography, thus creating an intricate portrayal of LGBTIQ life against the contextual backdrops of ”eroticism, culture, lifestyle, and critique”. The documentary images are accompanied by essays, which promises an even deeper social impact of the project.

Check out the project’s Kickstarter to see even more of the featured works and find out how Benjamin Wolbergs developed the idea for the book. You can support New Queer Photography on Kickstarter with a donation or by pre-ordering the book with a special price or in an exclusive Art Edition. Check out your options here.


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