What to Drink at New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a night of many drinks, but as it’s not an ordinary party night, the drinks should be well chosen. Forgot beer, forget cheap prosecco or boring wine. We need some classy and tasty drinks for tonight!

To give you a little bit of inspiration we curated these 5 unique and NYE-specific drinks for you including some classics and some new inventions! Cheers everyone!

The NYE Classic: Bowle

For me, the Bowle is a big tradition on New Year’s Eve. It’s a sweet fruit punch made from wine, sparkling wine, and canned fruits. It goes down quite easy – and it’s as easy to make. You only need one big can of mixed tropical fruits, one big can of peaches in pieces, 2 bottles of dry sparkling wine, and one bottle of dry white wine. First of all, remove the fruits from the cans without the juice and put them overnight in the white wine so they can soak up the alcohol. Next day add approximately 250g sugar and stir until it’s melted. As a final step add the sparkling whine and your bowle is ready to be served. You can refine your Bowle if you add a bit of Cognac. Or if you want to spike it you can also add a little bit of Vodka.


Tropical Fever

This one is our own creation: Add one piece of pink guava juice, one piece of passion fruit juice, one piece of vodka into a Martini glass. Add fruits like Physalis or berries to the mix as a garnish. The finished drink is super tasty, especially if you like fresh, sweet, and sour kind of cocktails.


Vodka Tonic Berry

As an easy to mix option you should offer a simple Vodka Tonic, but add a little twist to it with some red currents or other berries. Best served with lots of ice in a long drink glass.


Champagne Cosmo

This one is a good choice to cheers on the New Year! Take a glass of champagne (can also be sparkling wine or prosecco), add a bit of cranberry juice and a bit of vodka and you will have an amazingly elegant pink drink, not too sweet, but still a bit fruity and refreshing.


Lemon Shots

On NYE there will most likely be lots of shots. If you can’t have them pure, how about adding some lemon juice to the shot to give it a sour note. This way you will probably be able to drink a few more. Especially for our game section, this will come in handy… 



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