The Best Party Games for your NYE Party

New Years Eve is around the corner, you have a bunch of guests coming over and you are at a loss what to do in those four hours before midnight except, well, drinking? We are all too familiar with these thoughts and therefore thought of some unique games for you to play, that go beyond lead-pouring and expand the definition of “drinking”, in order to bring your guest a little closer together and guide them into a happy 2018!


The Name Game

The name game is a perfect ice breaker! In case you invite people, that don’t really know each other yet, this is great for having them get to know each other, even if it means playing Scharade first! Prepare some post its and pens, put people into pairs of two and let everyone think of a famous person, to put on the post it and stick it to their partners forehead. This way your party crowd gets to know each other while sharing silly laughs instead of an awkward silence.


2. Dare Jenga

In case your party guests know each other a little better, this game will be loads of fun. Take a set of Jenga that comes in different color and put everyones names on on some of the stones. Take an equal number of stones and write some dare tasks on them, such as “kiss”, “shot”, “secret”, “joke”, etc. Now you play rounds of pulling the stones from the tower. Once you have a name and a dare you have to execute the task with the person. If you draw your own name you can choose any person from the group. If you have multiple names or dares you get to choose what to pair with who. Let the fun begin!


3. Tarot Cards

Are you looking for something more unique to do at your party? Another special way to have you and your guests discuss the coming year is reading tarot cards together. This game needs a little more preparation beforehand. Either, one of your guests is familiar with tarot cards, or you, as the guest keeper, have to learn the rules beforehand. This will add a mystical factor to your new years eve!


4. Boozy Mikado

This is what you have actually been waiting for, right? The drinking game with a little more class. Skill games like Mikado and alcohol are probably one of the best combinations out there to guarantee some silly party fun. The rules are fairly simple: The one who touches more Mikado sticks than allowed is bound to down a shot! For boozy jenga, mark some of the toy blocks with “shot!”. This way you never know who is next and things stay interesting 😉


5. Your 2017

Reminisce with your guests about the year that passed and get to know each other more deeply while you are at it. Prepare some cards that read individual moments of 2018, that made it special for everyone. For example: Your favorite moment, the best film, your favorite trip, your most loved song etc. and collect all of them in a bowl. Then everyone is taking turns reading out on of the cards and sharing their favorite experience with the group!


6. Guess the Resolution!

This one is easy to manage and great in order to bring your guests a little bit closer together. Everyone puts their two favorite resolutions for the upcoming year on a piece of paper and throws them into a bowl. Then, with each piece of paper that is taken from the bowl, the group needs to guess the one who the resolution belongs to!


7. Dinner for One – Drinking Game

In case you are bored by yet another new years eve watching Dinner for One the same way you always did, I want to introduce you to the fun and boozy version, where you join James the butler in his drinking odyssee with Miss Sophie. Prepare some shots and start the film. Everytime James trips over the tiger skin or toasts to Miss Sophie, you (too) have to down a shot. One sure fire way to loosen up your squad!


Are there any other fun games that you can think of for new years eve? Let us know in the comments!


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