O.A.K. – A Café to Fall in Love with in Neukölln

photo: Martina Trovato

With all the cool and cozy cafes in Neukölln, O.A.K. definitely stands out as one of the most delightful. It’s not only the ideal place to sip a cup of a well-brewed Italian cappuccino while chatting with your friends, but also a nice spot to get some work done on your laptop and fill your belly with homemade delicacies.

O.A.K. Cafè is run by a joyful Italian couple: Giulia and Martino (plus the cute glasses-wearing koala in a Hawaii shirt enjoying a coffee, the symbol of O.A.K.). I am personally a loyal customer and it’s always a pleasure to have a word with them.

photo: Martina Trovato 

photo: O.A.K.

O.A.K. stands for “Our Authentic Kitchen”. This acronym fits their cafè concept perfectly: “our Authentic Kitchen is people working together to create something unique, not only out of love for food but also for get-togethers”. It is a fact that Italians love spending time both in the kitchen and eating around the table with others. However, O.A.K.’s concept is not a strictly-Italian one. Of course are gnocchi, lasagne, Parma ham or burrata always on their weekly specials (because come on, Italians know their ways around), but they always diversify the menu to avoid being a predictable Italian kitchen. “Our flagship may be the “Breakfast Sandwich”, but our salad bowls have established themselves over time as well, and we all enjoy them on lunch breaks” (and I personally think that their carrot cake deserve a spot on the podium, too).

photo: Martina Trovato 

By the time the idea of starting their own cafe first crossed their minds, Giulia and Martino had already been living in Berlin for 4 years. After joining a business together based on supplying homemade pasta to some bistros around town, they felt the urge to put their creativity into a place of their own. “Building a following was not easy at the beginning: we did not invest in marketing and we could only rely on the word-of-mouth from friends and early customers as well as blog entries.” However, receiving numerous positive feedbacks and the fact that new faces became regulars over time, definitely started to pay off all their constant efforts.

photo: Laura Beltran

O.A.K. is located in the heart of Neukölln and Giulia and Martino are very fond of their neighborhood.  “We were first scouting for places around Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, yet it was Neukölln that ultimately stole our hearts because of its vibrant streets with a refreshing mix of ethnicities and attitudes.”  As a matter of fact, they consider the best part of their job to have the chance and get acquainted with an incredible amount of people from different backgrounds and countries. “We seem to attract a very eclectic crowd – musicians, sailors, yoga teachers, businessmen, designers, architects, artisans – and we love talking to each and every one of them: daily conversations can be incredibly fascinating, and it’s exhilarating to think it all starts off with a coffee.”

photo: Martina Trovato

O.A.K.’s values are all about great food and customer-care, which is their winning game plan since the beginning. “It is not just about food ingredients, the way you interact with your customers matters a lot. You may have the best-tasting meal at the most convenient price, but it’s the overall experience that makes people come back for more.”
I am pretty sure that every Neuköllner, aspiring foodies or cafe lovers will definitely love this place!

O.A.K. Berlin, Weichselstr. 66 12043 Berlin-Neukölln
Open Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr 09.30-18. Sat, Sun 10-18. Mon closed. Cards accepted.

photo: Martina Trovato

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