Olympia Bukkakis’ Replay Is A Piece of Queer Heaven

photos: Frank R. Schröder. 

When I entered the main stage of the Sopiensaele theater on Wednesday evening and saw the three performers of Olympia Bukkakis’ new production “replay” twirling around in a set of silky white and translucent fabrics hanging from the ceiling like clouds I thought to myself: This must be a queer version of heaven.

The piece poses the question: What would happen if a drag queen and two non-binary performers would take charge? It would be a world where women like Breonna Taylor and Mahsa Amini would never be forgotten. A world where people from different backgrounds learn from each other in harmony. Where local drag queens get recognition before international pop stars. Where someone could break out in a Britney performance at any given moment. Where empathy, reflection, humor, and kindness are practiced with grace.

Sounds like a piece of heaven, doesn’t it?



When I look at the body of work of Olympia Bukkakis I see something that I feel deeply connected with. She is not just a drag queen, a cellist, a theater maker, or a performer. I see in her a world builder. She doesn’t take the world we live in as it is – instead, she builds her own and graciously invites us all to join her. I imagine that she was told many times in her life: You can’t do this, you can’t be like that. Which she would respond to: “Watch me!”

With that courage, confidence, and determination she sets out to create her projects, performances, and shows. And we can consider ourselves lucky to witness them.

If you wanna catch “replay” at Sophiensaele, co-starring the delightful Darvish and wonderful Am Ertl, you can still do so this weekend Friday and Saturday at 20h and on Sunday at 18h.



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