Plant Up Your Berlin Home with Bergamotte


Some of you might have noticed already thanks to our comprehensive plant guide, that we are true plant lovers here at iHeartBerlin – and I can pretty much speak for almost the entire team.

In the last years, plants have become such an integral part of my life, not only because of my growing collection but also because of the connections with other people I have made over time because of our shared love for those green beauties. 

Especially the charming events and pop-up sales hosted by Bergamotte in the last years have given me a lot of opportunities to connect with local plant lovers and I’m really grateful for that. As you can imagine, I was excited when they approached me to help spread the word about their special plant and flower delivery service they offer here in Berlin, but also in other major German cities.






And it couldn’t come at a more suitable moment in time. With the cold months arriving, the days getting shorter, and the time we spend in the house involuntarily getting longer, a delivery service makes all the more sense. This year has seen an explosion of plants in people’s homes – one could guess it has something to do with the lockdowns but as an avid plant Instagrammer I can tell you the photo-sharing platform also played a part in the hype around plants.

And I totally get it. With traveling and social contacts reduced so much, we are just left with a desire to surround ourselves with luscious green and make our homes more beautiful. Taking care of plants has offered a lot of people a much-needed peace of mind. It’s not rare you will hear from people that their plant passion is an integral part of taking care of their mental health – okay I admit you might have heard that from me… but I don’t think I’m alone with that!



But what makes the Bergamotte Flower and Plant Delivery service so special and different from regular online shopping? If you take a look at their offering of house plants, flower bouquets, dried flower arrangements, and accessories it doesn’t take much to realize they have a high standard of quality and aesthetics. But of course, it’s all in the details… 


All flower bouquets are prepared with love in the Bergamotte studio in Berlin and will be delivered within 24h, so they arrive extra fresh at your door. The plants are only from trusted growers with the best quality and dedication to sustainability. All products are packaged carefully and only with recycable materials that were specifically designed to transport flowers bouquets and plants safely. The plant enthusiasts at Bergamotte also take extra care, that the delivered plants and bouquets look exactly like pictured on the website – so you won’t be disappointed with your delivery not matching your expectations. Should you not be satisfied or something is wrong with your delivery you can trust the service team will be there for you and offer a free exchange.






If you want to bring more green life into your home, you should definitely give the Bergamotte plant and flower delivery service a try. It’s also perfect if you want to send a loved one a very special surprise to sweeten their day in this gloomy time. And for an even bigger selection of plants, you should look out for the next pop-up plant sale in Berlin or a major city near you. Stay connected through Facebook and Instagram to not miss out on those!

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