PLATTE Brings Voguing & Ballroom to the Runway of Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin has a new space and platform for emerging local designers and what better to put yourself onto the map with the most exciting fashion show during this week’s Berlin Fashion Week.  PLATTE is a project dedicated to supporting the fashion scene of Berlin in a sustainable way by offering space, structure, and expertise to upcoming local designers and brands. The makers of PLATTE are dear of colleagues of iHeartBerlin that have over a decade of experience in the field. Sevil Uguz is the founder of LNFA which is a network and fashion store for local brands at Bikini Berlin, and Arne Eberle is a Berlin Fashion Week veteran and co-founder of OE Magazine.

In their amazing space at Memhardstraße, they will host pop-up stores, workshops, showrooms, exhibitions, events and so much more. With their first event that happened on Tuesday, they gave a preview of what’s to come and their focus on working in an interdisciplinary way. They invited members of the Berlin ballroom scene to curate a runway show of a different kind. Housemother Ambrosia from the Kiki House of Angels brought together a cast of diverse performers who proofed that models can have any size, shape, and identity and look fabulous on the runway. And European housefather David from the house of Milan put together the choreography for the show that would have spectators gagging later on.

The designs presented on the catwalk were coming from an array of local brands that could not be more diverse and colorful. Names such as Tata Christiane, DSTM, Starstyling, Franzius and Perlensäue might sound familiar to you already, but take note of newcomers such as Máthé, Bondy, Trashy Treasure, Damur, Luise Zücker and Therapy.

If you invite a group of voguers and ballroom performers to take over an actual runway you can expect to be served some looks, poses and drama. The energy, the sass, the theatrics – it’s a completely different experience to a regular fashion show and we are loving every second of it. Berlin Fashion Week didn’t see a highlight like this for many years and we are glad we could be part of it.

Enjoy some impressions from the runway and the opening party.

Here are some impressions of the after party…

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