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”Like a Berliner” – a collaboration with Sophia Halamoda and iHeartBerlin – is a guidebook for our times: not trying to condense the best new places into a book that will become out-of-date next year, but rather giving you timeless insights into what it means to be a Berliner that will always remain relevant. Here, useful tips go hand in hand with hilarious comics, and lists of timeless locations meet pages of relatable personal essays.

All this stunning content is divided into 11 chapters that respectively shed light on a particular sphere of life in Berlin. And so, you’ll get our advice on such essentials like how to live, look, love and party ”like a Berliner”. As you can see, the book covers you on all fronts – and there’s more!

Among the words of Berlin wisdom, you’ll find in the book are the answers to such burning questions like What curious characters one can expect in a typical Berlin WG? How to decipher the strange body language of Berliners? How to cook a 7-course menu only using Späti-bought ingredients? How to steer clear of getting bounced at Berlin’s most legendary club doors? How to get the look of a city that doesn’t fit within any fashion conventions?



Like A Berliner
by Sophia Halamoda & iHeartBerlin
Hardcover, 21x27cm, 1.1kg, 200 pages

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 1.7 cm

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