Purple Snow at the Opera – Bring a Friend to the Apocalypse


The contemporary Opera “Violetter Schnee” (Purple Snow) is a unique masterpiece of enigmatic music and elaborate storytelling. Together with the Staatsoper, we offer a unique opportunity to see this Opera and bring a friend for free. 

Imagine the following scenario: The world covered in thick snow that devastates the land and brings no hope for future generations. In this nightmare, the audience of Staatsoper’s new Opera Violetter Schnee meets 5 people trapped in a bunker under the earth. While above them the world is falling apart the two rich couples Peter and Silvia and Jan and Natascha are tearing each other apart with contradictory ideas on what to do with this surreal situation. The fifth protagonist is Jacques who recently lost his wife. To him, the world has no meaning and so he looks in the deepest fogs of the remains of the world for the voice of his lost wife.


photos: Monika Ritterhaus

What will humans do when they lost all hope?

This is the main subject of this apocalyptic opera that was composed by Swiss composer Beat Furrer. He created a musical web of choral voices and spoken words that questions the standard opera canon and brings a new level of authenticity into this stage experience.

What will strike you the most while seeing this Opera is not only the strong protagonist that will catch your attention but the beautiful stage setting that shifts and changes its shapes continuously and brings a high level of cinematic visuals to this Opera.

Together with Staatsoper Unter den Linden, we want to give you a New Year’s gift and the opportunity to have a special Opera experience in the company of your best friend or lover. If you buy a ticket for Sunday, the 12th of January 2020 online and enter the promo-code “Violett” (with a Capital V) in the webshop after you choose a seat and you will have two tickets for the price of one. 


photos: Monika Ritterhaus

Violetter Schnee

January 10 – 19.30h & January 12 – 18.00h

Staatsoper Unter den LindenUnter den Linden 7, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

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